Singer SZA Does A Flip In Her Bra And Panties For Latest Instagram Update

SZA showcased her body and athleticism in her latest Instagram update. The singer performed a back flip on a trampoline while in her bra and panties.

Many celebrities have been using spare time while obeying the stay-at-home order during the coronavirus outbreak to post more on social media. The songstress has appeared on Instagram live occasionally since the country was put on lock down, but she had not shared much on her page.

A common issue with not only celebrities, but most of the country, is remaining fit while being stuck at home for the COVID-19 crisis. SZA has found unique ways to stay in shape, and she shared one of them in her post. The singer, whose real name is Solana Imani Rowe, had some fun at her house on a trampoline.

In the playful post, she wore only a nude bra and white panties along with a wide-brimmed hat and handkerchief around her head. She set her phone outside the protective mesh that surrounded the trampoline.

The Ctrl artist jumped up and down twice in her undergarments while she faced the camera and then pulled off a back flip that offered fans a glimpse of her backside. After she successfully completed the stunt she held her right hand in the air as a form of celebration.

This was only the third post the singer has made this month, and her 6.6 million Instagram followers were excited to see it. In just over a day, more than 303,000 people on the platform showed their appreciation by hitting the "like" button. SZA received more than 1,700 comments on the saucy post, and many expressed gratitude with how the trampoline trick brought a smile to their faces during a difficult time.
"Wow this the best thing I seen all week," social media influencer Yesjulz wrote along with heart-eye emoji.

"Jump for joy dear! Jump to clear it all out," a fan wrote.

"Lol cuz was really nice on them bars and beams tho," a follower wrote referring to her athletic ability.

One fan shared how the singer's recent Instagram live session helped them.

"Hey mom, I've been dealing with anxiety during the isolation, but ur live helped me to start meditating and ur music is keeping me sane," she wrote.

Before showing off on the trampoline, SZA's most recent post was an ode to rapper Chynna Rogers. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, rapper died earlier this month.

"Loving u ma.. so precious so pure..I'm so sorry," the singer wrote on Instagram.