A New Bachelor Nation Couple Has Formed, Reveals Reality Steve, And This One May Raise Some Eyebrows

Ida Mae Astute/Kelsey McNealABC

Apparently, a new couple has formed within the realm of former The Bachelor contestants, and this pair is quite interesting. Spoiler king Reality Steve revealed the juicy tidbit via Twitter on Wednesday morning, and franchise fans will be quite curious to learn more about this one. It seems that Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are getting cozy and spending a lot of quality time together.

Reality Steve acknowledged that he is surprised by this pairing and he doesn’t know many details yet. However, the two are said to be together in Chris’ neck of the woods, and it sounds as if this is more than just a friendly visit.

“(EXCLUSIVE): One of the more random Bachelor ‘couples’ that I can’t say I ever would’ve guessed. I don’t know how long this has been going on or how serious it is, but I can confirm that Victoria Fuller is currently together in Iowa for the week with Chris Soules. Discuss,” teased the notorious spoiler guru.

At this point, neither Chris nor Victoria seem to have shared anything about this on their social media pages. The last time that Chris posted on Instagram was a month ago from his family farm in Arlington, Iowa. Victoria’s last Instagram post was nearly two weeks ago. She was at her place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, talking about being lazy while in quarantine.

When did Chris and Victoria first connect and how serious is this? Reality Steve doesn’t know yet, and by the looks of things, this is the first that this Bachelor pairing has hit the rumor mill. If Victoria is in Iowa for the entire week to be with Chris, in the midst of this nationwide time of social distancing, it certainly seems like a buzzworthy situation.

As The Bachelor fans will remember, Chris was initially a contestant on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. He was eliminated during the overnight dates, and he went on to lead his own season. Chris got engaged to Whitney Bischoff in the finale and then went on to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Chris and Whitney’s engagement imploded soon after he did DWTS.

Chris then generated a lot of headlines following an accident in Iowa in which a neighbor was killed. The other man died in 2017 after Chris accidentally rear-ended the tractor the fellow farmer was driving. Last August, Chris received a suspended sentence, and he has slowly edged his way just a tad back into public life in the months since.

Victoria was on Peter Weber’s season this past spring. She generated quite a bit of controversy both on-screen and off, and many franchise fans would have pegged her as a likely contestant for Bachelor in Paradise. The status of the next season of that show is unknown at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now it looks like Victoria may not need to return to reality television to find love.

Are Chris and Victoria going to turn out to be the next big power couple in the world of The Bachelor? It seems far too soon to make any assumptions on that front, but this pairing will definitely shock a lot of fans. Now that they aren’t flying entirely under the radar anymore, people will be curious to see and learn more about this intriguing coupling.