Chantel Zales Flaunts Bikini Body In ‘Better Days’ Beachside Selfies

Chantel Zales poses for a selfie.
Chantel Zales / Instagram

Chantel Zales put her bikini body on display in her latest Instagram update, which showed her enjoying the beach. She wrote that the snaps were taken on “better days” before the coronavirus outbreak that has brought much of the world to a standstill.

The beauty’s post consisted of four selfies that showed her striking different poses in or near the ocean. She did not say which beach she was at when the photos were taken. It appeared to be an overcast day, but that did not stop her from looking fabulous as she enjoyed a dip in the ocean.

Chantel’s bikini was a bright pink, which made her bronze skin pop. The top featured a low-cut neckline that left much of her cleavage exposed. The thong bottoms were equally revealing, showing off plenty of skin. She also sported a baseball cap.

The first snap saw Chantel from the front as she smiled at the camera. She flaunted her ample chest and slender waist. Her hair was styled in a single braid, which she wore over one shoulder.

In the second image, the model was in the water. She bit her lip as she took the picture from a side angle. The snap showed off her cleavage and her booty.

The third photo was similar to the second one in that it captured the bombshell from the side. The main difference was that she flashed a smile in the photo.

Chantel put her booty on display in the last image as she lied on her belly. Her round cheeks were hard to ignore as she arched her back. The smooth skin on her back was also prominent in the shot.

In the caption, she asked her followers to pick their favorite from the set of selfies she shared. She also asked them where they would like to be quarantined. Many of them chimed in with flattering comments.

“I would quarantine any where as long as I’m with you gorgeous,” quipped one admirer.

“You look gorgeous! But if I had to choose only one.. that 4 is unbelievable,” a second Instagram told her.

“All of the above!! Why choose just one, that’s crazy lol,” joked a third fan.

“Oh thank you for that bit of relief from a stressful day,” a fourth follower told her.

The buxom blond is no stranger to showing off her skin in barely-there outfits. Last month, she left little to the imagination when she wore a strappy set of lingerie.