Melissa Riso Flaunts Curves Poolside In Turquoise Bikini: 'All I Want In Life Is To Give Love And Be loved'

Actress Melissa Riso knows precisely what she wants in life, and she let her Instagram followers know with a thrilling picture of herself laying poolside in a stunning turquoise bikini.

Riso posed with one arm over her head and the other bent and touching her neck as she laid beside a pool filled with beautiful blue water. A little patch of green grass added a nice contrast to the dark bricks and azure liquid. Her raven hair spread out above her head on the side of the pool. Plus, she had one knee bent into the air as she turned her head toward the water with her eyes closed.

The actress wore a tiny turquoise bikini that showed off her bronzed cleavage and taut, oiled midsection, which also featured her navel tattoo. The bikini featured gold chains with turquoise fabric intertwined in them as its ties. She accessorized with small gold hoop earrings, a short gold chain with a round pendant, and a double gold cuff bracelet. Riso wore dramatic eyeshadow and a smokey eye, and expertly applied blush and highlighter accented her high cheekbones and nose. A dark brown-pink lipstick filled in her generous lips, which pulled the whole glam look together.

The model credited Los Angeles photographer Studio977 for snapping the sexy shot. Riso's Instagram fans approved of the picture and her message. More than 2,000 showed the celebrity hairstylist some love by hitting the "like" button on her Saturday evening post. In addition, nearly 100 Instagram users also left her an uplifting message in the replies section. As often happens on Riso's posts, the flame emoji frequently appeared, indicating that fans felt she was on fire in the shot.

"Very very hot pose and beautiful figure, honey," praised one follower.

"Aww, my beautiful love, I love you very much," another wrote with various smile heart emoji.

"Who doesn't. I hope you find it. Never settle," advised a third fan.

"You and me both. I have to zoom in for a minute. It looked like a scar on your abs, but it's a tat," noted a fourth fan, mentioning Riso's navel tattoo.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the actress shared a before and after photo of the ink, which she designed herself and paid $40 to get. The tattoo-covered a scar Riso suffered in a car wreck when she was younger, and she felt self-conscious. However, the model reported that the conspicuous placement and design cost her some jobs as she's built her career. Now, she's opted to have it removed, and she shared the significant results with her fans on Instagram.