Bikini Model Anna Katharina Leaves Little To The Imagination In Skimpy Lingerie

Popular model Anna Katharina is known for her fabulous figure. She gives her 1.2 million Instagram followers plenty to drool over with regular updates that show her wearing barely-there bikinis. Her most recent update saw her flaunting her curves in a skimpy lingerie set that left little to the imagination.

Anna's sexy underwear included a lace bra that exposed most of her cleavage. In fact, it looked like the cups barely covered her nipples. The bra had an extra strap that went under her breasts and around her side. The matching panties were a low-rise, cheeky style that was not made of much fabric.

The model was standing outside on a balcony that overlooked the ocean. The snapshot captured her body from the top of her thighs up. The pale blue color of the water along with the light sky added a dreamy vibe to the photo.

The image captured Anna from a side angle as she stood with her back to the ocean. She leaned one hand on the balcony railing while she wore a sultry expression on her face. Anna's other hand was on the side strap of her panties. The pose flaunted her flat abs. Also on display was the curve of her hip and her toned thighs.

Anna's wavy hair was parted on the side and tossed over one shoulder. Her eyes were framed with sculpted brows, smoky eyeshadow, and thick lashes. She also wore a rose shade on her full lips.

In the caption, she made a joke about her fingers. Judging from the replies in the comments section, not too many of her followers were looking at her fingers.

"You're safe. Most of us are only now realizing you HAVE fingers in this pic. Beautiful," joked one admirer.

"Who's looking at your fingers? Lol," quipped a second fan.

"Nobody's looking at your fingers. I can assure you of that," a third Instagram user said.

"I looked at this pic for 10 minutes before I even realised you have fingers," commented a fourth fan.

There aren't many photos of Anna in which her fingers are a focal point. Most of her uploads are snapshots that highlight her incredible physique. Not too long ago, she shared a picture that saw her rocking a tight top and a pair of jeans. Most of her Instagram page is filled with images that show her rocking an array of bikinis in just about every color and style.