Meghan McCain Defends Accused Sexual Harasser Chris Matthews On 'The View'

In the wake of the abrupt retirement by MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who faced numerous accusations of sexual harassment, The View co-host Meghan McCain came to his defense. As reported by Raw Story, McCain appeared to believe that Matthews deserved better than the sendoff he received.

"To reduce his entire career to this segment is really sad because I thought he deserved a better sendoff than that," she said.

Although McCain noted that she's not saying Matthews' "behavior should be absolved" and he should not apologize, she went on to claim that many other news personalities have engaged in questionable behavior. Notably, she took aim at NBC News executive Andy Lack's handling of sexual harassment claims against former Today host Matt Lauer, as well as the network's approach to reporting on the convicted rapist and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

In response to McCain's defense, co-host Joy Behar asked the 35-year-old television personality if Fox News — where she used to work as a contributor — was worse. McCain blew past Behar's question and continued to take aim at MSNBC.

"Mark Halperin put his, allegedly, erect penis on a woman's shoulder, and he was fired. Yeah, look it up."
From here, McCain turned her attention to NBC News.
"Talking about Brian Williams, who had stolen valor, and lied about having service in Iraq. True story, and he worked at NBC. A lot of people at NBC who have done a lot of bad, dirty things, and we've talked about it on the show a lot."
As reported by CNN, Matthews retired from MSNBC after claims of inappropriate workplace conduct resurfaced. Although such accusations have allegedly haunted him for years, they came back in full force when GQ columnist Laura Bassett accused him of making sexist comments to her in 2016 when she was a guest on Hardball.
A person close to the situation claimed Matthews was asked to step down, and Matthews' retirement statement suggested that he did not have control over the decision.

"Obviously, this isn't for lack of interest in politics," Matthews said during the announcement of his departure on Monday night's edition of Hardball.

Outside of the allegations of misconduct, Matthews recently took criticism for comparing a possible Bernie Sanders win in 2020 to the Nazi's invasion of France in World War II. Although Matthews later apologized for the comments, many took note of similarly controversial comments Matthews has made about Sanders in the past and suggested it was part of a broader pattern.