March 1, 2020
Oprah Winfrey Thanks Fans As She Ices Her Foot Following Stage Fall: 'I'm Now A Meme'

Oprah Winfrey is thanking fans for their well-wishes following a nasty fall she took while walking onstage during her "Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus" tour on Saturday.

The 66-year-old media mogul tripped and fell while speaking at the Forum in Los Angeles, and she had to be helped up. Video of the incident immediately popped up on social media, and Oprah is well aware that she is now a meme.

The day after her stage slip, Oprah updated her 18 million fans on Instagram with a photo that showed her reading the Sunday newspaper with her foot propped up and iced. The legendary Oprah Winfrey Show host was wearing glasses and a tan sweatsuit as she revealed in the caption that she was just a little sore. Oprah also shared that she is devoting her Sunday to self-care as suggested by her good friend, Michelle Obama.

In comments to the post, fans shared supportive messages for the talk show icon. Several fans noted that Oprah handled the potentially embarrassing situation with class and grace. Others were just happy that she didn't get seriously hurt and praised her for getting right back up after her fall.

"Glad you didn't break something. Whew!" one fan wrote.

"Glad you're not badly injured. Falling is no joke!" another added.

Oprah also talked about her fall on her Instagram story, telling her pal, Gayle King, that while she would have preferred "not to fall," she wasn't embarrassed by her tumble at all.

"I just thought, okay I fell, everybody knows what falling is," Oprah said, per People."I thought this was a great day in spite of the fall. But I picked myself up. I don't know if it was something on the floor, or my foot twisted, or what. I had the indication I was going to fall before. And then, it just is what it is."

As for those memes, some social media fans felt it was disrespectful to poke fun at Oprah's fall. Several memes are making the rounds on Twitter, including one of late King of Pop Michael Jackson "kicking" the OWN head honcho to the ground.

With mean-spirited memes now all over the internet, rappers 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg even joked about Oprah's fall, according to Wonderwall.

After the talk show star's tumble, 50 Cent cracked a joke.

"Michael Jackson's ghost trip her?" he said.

"Michael and Kobe blew a gust of wind. Balance," Snoop reportedly said.

Oprah's "2020 Vision" tour ends later this week in Detroit.