Fitness Model Qimmah Russo Flaunts Chiseled Abdomen & Pert Backside In Latest Instagram Workout Video

On Saturday, February 29, Instagram fitness model Qimmah Russo took to the popular social media platform to impress her followers with a series of bicep curls.

For the workout, the fitness trainer dressed in a multicolored sports bra, featuring an open design across the chest that teased her cleavage and a thick band wrapped around the bottom. On her bottom half, Qimmah wore tiny blue spandex shorts that ended at the very tops of her thighs and looked more like underwear than shorts. The lack of coverage allowed her fans an unobstructed view of her chiseled abs and muscular, sculpted legs. The fitness model added a pair of white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Qimmah wore her dark, straight tresses loose around her face and flowing down her back for the workout. She appeared to be wearing a touch of makeup, including black lashes and lip gloss.

As the video starts, Qimmah performs some quick arm stretches, pulling her arms behind her to stretch her back and shoulders and then pulling them over her head to loosen up some more. She walks in a circle as she does so, turning her back to the camera and letting her followers see her pert rear end and muscular calves.

The fitness trainer then heads over to a barbell resting on the floor. She picks it up, showing that each side has a weight of 10 lbs. Qimmah begins her workout, performing a series of bicep curls that start at her waist and end at her chest. As she does so, viewers can see every muscle in her arms working to complete the move.

In the caption of the post, the fitness model tells her 1.4 million followers that if they stay on their grind, they will get the results they want. She then encourages them to tag a friend and signs off with a weight-lifting emoji.

Qimmah's followers left nearly 45,000 likes and dozens of comments on her latest post, complimenting her figure and hard work in their messages.

"Thank you for the encouragement," one Instagram user commented.

"This girl is awesome, great job," another fan wrote, following up with a clapping hands emoji.

"You definitely won, I'm giving up on searching for the best fit female," yet one other follower chimed in.

Last week, the fitness trainer took to the photo-sharing site to post a different video in which she also performed bicep curls. In that clip, she attempted to complete as many as possible before tiring out. In her caption, she asked her followers to state how many they can do in the comments section.