Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Sizzles In Crop Top & Skintight Jeans, Notes She’s ‘Blessed’

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Fitness model Michelle Lewin just shared a stunning new photo and lengthy caption via her Instagram page, and her fans are taking notice. The popular trainer and social media personality noted that she is blessed, also sharing some personal thoughts about why she does what she does.

The selfie that Michelle shared was taken in her Miami, Florida, home. She wore a black crop top that has the word “BLESSED” on it, and it hugged her curvy figure tightly.

The top’s design gave the gorgeous Venezuelan beauty the chance to show off her insanely chiseled abs. Michelle stood with one hip cocked as she smiled slightly. She had her blond hair parted on the side, and the loose waves framed her face casually.

Michelle kept her makeup look quite simple for this shot as she held her phone in one hand with a pair of glasses in the other. To go along with her shirt, the fitness model wore a pair of cropped, skintight jeans. She added a wide black belt around her waist and strappy heeled sandals to complete the look.

Overall, Michelle wasn’t showing all that much skin. Despite that, this look showed off the model’s sizzling hot physique and it quickly generated a lot of love from her millions of followers.

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#BLESSED -It’s all about the inside no matter how you twist and turn it. And why am I pushing so hard for you to work on your body then????? Well, lately I am trying my best to also coach a bit about relationships, but since it was my workouts that made you push the “Follow” button, then that will never change. That is what I do best and that is my best way to motivate you. Am I right? Look, we all strive for happiness. We really do. That is our ultimate goal. Everything we try to improve in our life can be summed up as “one step to being slightly happier”. Think about it... it’s true. ❌It’s not fame. Fame is overrated. The price of being famous and popular is paid with lack of privacy and fake people who want a piece of you. It’s nothing you see on social media since that is not what anyone want to showcase. But all the time, over and over, we see stars, even influencers, getting burnt out and the world goes “But... why? She had everything!” I think the best example in our life has been @BritneySpears breakdown in 2007. No one even saw the signs when she released “Lucky” in 2000. That song says it all. ❌It’s not money, which almost everyone is focused on. Money to a certain amount will help but it’s not the solution. It can actually be the other way around. ✅It’s your attitude. It’s how you feel about yourself. And in this case, it’s actually you against you. So, back to why I push for you to be a better version of yourself... I am not sure I need to state the benefits of being healthy, you know it allready. And better physical health will improve also your mental health, it goes hand in hand. Basics to be a happier you: Be as healthy as you can... and BE KIND to people. If you are not kind to people, you cannot find true happiness. Try it. It’s very easy. Just... be kind, and things will start to change to the better. It’s amazing what kindness can do to people. ???????????????? Outfit from (crazy clearance going on right now, 50% on EVERYTHING)

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In her caption, Michelle wrote about why she pushes her followers to be the best version of themselves they can be. She noted that she knows many people follow her for her workouts and fitness knowledge.

At the same time, Michelle explained, she wants to help people be happier and mentally healthy, as well as physically healthy. At one point, she even mentioned superstar Britney Spears and the difficult turns that the singer’s life took in the past.

The selfie and caption certainly resonated with her fans. In just two hours after the photo was initially shared, more than 90,000 of the Venezuelan bombshell’s followers had liked the post. On top of that, more than 500 comments added up for the powerful post.

“This is the reason why you are my inspiration. You are really smart person with a huge heart,” one fan noted.

“What a beautiful smile! You look absolutely stunning!” detailed another follower.

“My god! You are stunning,” praised someone else.

While Michelle does share a lot of workout videos and other fitness-related posts, her millions of fans know she can also show her sense of humor with her updates and offer relationship insight and plenty of motivational thoughts, too. She knows how to balance doling out advice with raising heart rates as she poses in sultry getups, and this latest upload clearly accomplishes both of those things all with one post.