Lauren Drain Rocks Red Leggings And Crop Top For New 'Mommy, Baby Workout'

Lauren Drain, is a fitness bombshell who showed her fans how she works out with her newborn baby, Aria Skye, in the most recent video on her Instagram page. Dressed in a pair of red leggings and a pink tank top over a red sports bra, Lauren started with a series of hip thrusts as she held baby Aria on her pelvis. Aria, who was dressed in a white top and a red bow around her head, looked a bit bemused by what her mother was doing. But she didn't appear to protest at being used as a "babybell," as her mother called her in the caption of the Instagram post.

After the hip thrusts, Lauren stood up and held her daughter in front of her as she knocked out a set of squats. Then she moved on to side lunges, still with Aria in tow, and then held her up in the air as she did a series of thrusters. When she moved on to mountain climbers, Lauren laid her daughter down on the ground as she worked out above her. From this position, she started doing push-ups and kissed Aria Skye during each repetition.

The clip has been viewed over 30,000 times since its upload. In the comments section, fans gushed over the mommy and daughter duo.

"She is so adorable and you look great Lauren," one fan wrote. "Congrats, keep up the great work! Happy Valentine's Day to you guys."

"It's so awesome watching you through your pregnancy and now becoming a mother," another added.

"Lauren! You for real are how I want to be when I have kids! From the valentines outfits and workouts with the baby. I love it! You're looking amazing and I love all your updates! Keep it up!" a third remarked.

One fan pointed out that the workout will become even more challenging as Aria grows up.

"And the resistance (weight of Arya) increases as you keep working out," they wrote. Lauren saw the comment and agreed, adding that her daughter gets heavier every week.

This isn't the first time that Aria Skye has popped up on Lauren's Instagram page. In a previous post, Lauren shared photos from her daughter's newborn photo shoot. In the snapshot, she wore a big golden bow on her head as she lay on a miniature bed.

"I couldn't decide. Which one is cuter?!?" Lauren asked her fans. " Enjoying every second with my little doll baby @ariaskyekagan."