‘Bachelor’ Alum Ashley Iaconetti Slams Victoria Fuller In Recap Article, Questions Why She’s Still On The Show

Ashley Iaconetti doesn't know why 'Bachelor' Peter Weber has kept Victoria Fuller around.

Ashley Iaconetti smiles at the camera.
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Ashley Iaconetti doesn't know why 'Bachelor' Peter Weber has kept Victoria Fuller around.

Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti did end up finding lasting love through the franchise, even though it took several attempts. Now she’s giving her take regarding how well current Bachelor Peter Weber is handling the emotional process. In a recap she wrote for Cosmopolitan, she expressed her confusion regarding how one particular contestant, Victoria Fuller, is still on the show.

Fuller didn’t portray herself in the best light during Monday night’s episode when she got a chance to spend time with Weber during a three-on-one date along with Kelley Flanagan and Hannah Ann Sluss. Weber brought up an incident from last week during which Fuller struggled to say for certain whether she wanted to remain in a relationship with Weber. When the tension rose, she ran off crying. Weber wanted to revisit this particular episode, which only ticked Fuller off.

“Well if that’s what you want to use our time together to talk about…,” she told him, proceeding to accuse him of being in a “mood” every time they were together.

While Weber is taken aback by her response, he does end up giving her a rose at the end of the group date and it was Flanagan who was surprisingly sent home.

Even though she’s definitely not her biggest fan, Iaconetti is able to see the chemistry Fuller shares with Weber.

“I’d guess that Victoria is probably Peter’s second favorite next to Madison right now,” she theorized.

Iaconetti went on to explain what she expects to happen throughout the rest of the series, guessing that frontrunner Madison Prewett’s virginity will pose a problem in her relationship with Weber. She anticipates that Weber will have sex with one of the other women, thus upsetting Prewett who she thinks will leave on her own.

“I think she’s going to leave without saying goodbye to Peter, and this will be the news that Chris Harrison delivers at the final rose ceremony,” Iaconetti guesses.

In the teaser for the final episode, Weber can be seen having a tense conversation with his mother. With tears streaming down her face, Mrs. Weber begs her son not to let one of the women go.

“God has placed her there for you,” she tells her son.

Iaconetti believes that she is referring to Prewett who already met Weber’s entire family during an earlier episode.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, fans believe it is actually Sluss who Weber will choose in the end; however, his ending has not yet been leaked.