Venezuelan Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Trains Her Chest Muscles In Shiny Black Crop Top And Leggings

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin showed fans exercises that train the chest muscles in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

For the workout, the 33-year-old powerhouse wore a black crop top with a shiny, leopard-print overlay and matching leggings. She started the routine with dumbbell bench presses. During this video, Michelle's husband, Jimmy, asked her if she trained her chest often, and she said no. When asked why, Michelle revealed that she has breast implants and avoided training her chest muscles too much because that could deform them.

The next video saw her perform a set of dumbbell flyes. In this clip, she told fans that they should hold the weights in front of their chests when doing the move. Placing it above the head or belly isn't ideal, she added.

During the final video, Michelle completed a series of pulldowns at a weight machine. During this exercise, she pulled the weight until her arms lined up with the chest. She said that this method helps to target the chest instead of the back, which would be activated if she completed the motion. In the caption, Michelle added that the arms should be completely straight when doing the move.

As of this writing, the video post has been watched close to 95,000 times and more than 1,000 Instagram users have commented on it. In the comments, fans shared their appreciation for the demonstration.

While a lot of the comments were in Michelle's native Spanish, many of her English-speaking admirers chimed in as well.

"I'm doing these! Thank you for helping me," one person wrote.

"So beautiful and strong," another added.

One fan remarked about the fun interplay between Michelle and Jimmy.

"Love this video and then dynamic with you two..." they commented. " Thanks for teaching more about chest vs back."

Another commenter seemed to have ignored the first clip when Michelle was honest about her plastic surgery. When they voiced their speculation about it, Michelle clarified once more that her implants had been placed beneath the chest muscle. The exercises in the video are done sparingly just to keep the muscle firm so that they get the support they need, she added.

Other commenters asked about her workout attire, and Michelle confirmed that her crop top and pants were from her activewear line one0one. She didn't share any additional details about the items, but a glance at the company website reveals that the leggings retail for $79. The crop top is not currently available for sale.