Julia Rose Shows Underboob In Daring New Instagram Pic

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Julia Rose shared a daring new Instagram pic today. The stunner was flaunting her underboob in a revealing outfit.

The Instagram sensation posed in a tiny crop tank and jeans. The shirt was black and only served to cover up the top half of her chest. Her pants were light denim with large rips throughout. There were a couple of holes on her upper thighs that left her toned legs peeking through. The jeans also had a high-waisted cut, although they still left her belly button showing.

Julia stood with her body facing the camera straight-on. She placed her thumbs through her belt loops and tilted her head back to the right. At the same time, she glanced down toward the ground with her lips parted. Her bangs framed her face, with strands of her locks falling in front of both of her shoulders. In particular, her blond highlights popped in the shot.

The beauty kept all eyes on her figure by forgoing accessories, save for a thin ring on her index finger. The small nature of her shirt meant that her midriff was also on full display.

The model’s makeup was minimal and natural-looking. She opted for heavy mascara and light pink lipstick. If she wore any eyeshadow, it was a tone that closely matched her skin.

In addition, Julia was standing in front of a large, white Jeep, as it was tagged in the post. Meanwhile, the sun lit up her face and glinted off the dark rear windows of the vehicle. Her skin looked flawless in the post.

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Her many admirers took to the comments section to share their compliments. Many people responded to her flirty captions.

“Wanna go on an adventure,” wrote Julia in the post.

“With you? Obviously,” responded a supporter.

“Let’s go to cvs,” suggested a fan.

“Or Ralph’s to get more elbow noodles,” replied the model.

Others played hard to get.

“No I need to stay home and do homework thanks for the invite tho [sic],” wrote an admirer.

On January 14, Julia shared another update where she flaunted her figure. In that post, it was all about her neon pink bikini. The bright colors contrasted well against her tanned skin. The swimsuit had a simple, classic cut. The bombshell was standing in front of her kitchen grill while holding her phone in her hands. She glanced at the camera with her lips parted. Moreover, her light pink manicure could be seen.