Yanet Garcia Does A Leg Lift In Green Spandex On Instagram

Yanet Garcia takes a selfie.
Yanet Garcia / Instagram

Yanet Garcia shared a new photo to her Instagram page earlier today. The fitness model was seen doing a leg lift in a green spandex outfit.

The workout ensemble that she wore was a dark forest green color. Yanet wore a long sports bra with an eye-catching design on the back, which included a horizontal cutout. Her skintight and high-waisted leggings matched the bra. She completed her look with a pair of black-and-white Nike shoes.

The stunner was posing outside on a paved path. She placed her hands on a black steel railing while lifting her right leg into the air. Her flexibility was apparent, as she raised her leg a little more than 90 degrees. She stood on her toes with her left foot and gazed straight ahead. She maintained a serious look on her face.

Her pose left her famous booty on full display. Her muscular arms were also hard to miss. Yanet brushed her hair over her right shoulder, with some of her locks falling down the front of her chest. The sunlight made her hair look glowing and light brown in some parts.

The backdrop revealed short trees and modern dark buildings in the distance. The buildings were geometric with different tiers that added dimension.

This shot was taken on a sunny day. The skies were blue with wispy clouds here and there. Yanet seemed to be the only one in the area, as the walkway was seemingly deserted.

The photographer was tagged in the shot. They go simply by “Dievko,” and their Instagram feed is filled with fashion photography. Their location is in Monterrey, Mexico, which may also give fans a clue as to where Yanet was when the photo was taken.

The popular weather girl’s many followers took to the comments section to rave about her good looks.

“The best girl in the world,” gushed an admirer.

“This insane shape,” observed a supporter.

“You’re so perfect!” exclaimed a fan.

“Excellent style,” declared a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the beauty posted a similar update a day ago. Yanet was spotted in a lavender workout outfit. It consisted of a long sports bra and matching leggings. She stood with her shoulder facing the camera, and she popped her foot while lifting weights. The model glanced over with a big smile on her face, and she wore her hair down in a low ponytail. The backdrop was completely black with beams of light decorating the top of the frame.