Adele's Former Trainer Reveals The Secrets Of Her Reported 100-Pound Weight Loss

Adele's former trainer is speaking out about the singer's dramatic weight loss after it was reported that she'd dropped a seriously impressive 100 pounds over the past several months. Camila Goodis opened up about Adele's diet and fitness routine in a new interview this week, where she admitted that although the mom to 7-year-old Angelo has been working out, her new figure is mainly down to her changing the way she eats.

Camila got candid about the secrets behind Adele's weight loss while speaking on the British morning show Lorraine on January 16. The comments came shortly after photos of Adele looking much slimmer while posing with The Grinch over Christmas and at the beach during a recent vacation stunned fans online.

According to Camila, Adele drastically cut down on her calorie intake and started to consume 1,000 calories a day to shed the pounds – at least for one week.

She also revealed that the "Set Fire to the Rain" singer had been enjoying healthy green juices as part of her new diet.

"It's a good diet to shed the weight. The first week is intense, green juices and only 1,000 calories," she explained, per Daily Mail.

While hitting the gym has also been a part of her routine, the trainer added that it's only played a small part in what has helped Adele to get into the best shape of her life.

"[Adele's] working out but I think 90 percent of it is diet," she said.

The trainer also commented on Adele's trimmer figure after some fans claimed that the singer now looked too thin after they saw photos of her looking slimmer than ever.

"She doesn't look too thin - she looks amazing," Camila said in defense of the star, adding that she's successfully "changed her lifestyle and diet."

The fitness buff also appeared to confirm that Adele lost several pounds as a result of her calorie cut before they even started working out together. Camila told host Lorraine Kelly that she didn't even recognize the mom of one at first because she looked so different.

"When she came for a work out I didn't know it was her and when she left I thought 'Oh it looks a little bit like Adele,'" she recalled.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there's been a whole lot of chatter surrounding Adele's slim new frame ever since photos of the star looking happy and healthier than ever surfaced online.

A 19-year-old fan named Lexi Larson told the story of how she ran into the talented singer during a vacation in Anguilla in early January where she spent time with Harry Styles and James Corden.

Speaking to People Magazine, the fan admitted that she also didn't recognize Adele at first, but claimed she told her that she'd lost "like 100 pounds."