Jeffree Star Explains Why Ex-Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt Spent The Day At His House After Announcing Breakup

Erik VoakeGetty Images

Jeffree Star is setting the record straight amid rumors that he and ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt are back together. The popular YouTube star and makeup guru took to his Instagram stories to explain why Nathan was hanging out at his Hidden Hills mansion shortly after he posted a video announcing their split.

After Jeffree broke his social media silence to reveal that he and Nathan have ended their romantic relationship after five years together, he posted an Instagram story that showed his handsome ex sitting at his kitchen table. Jeffree captioned the pic with, “Nate was being a dog dad all day,” according to Metro.

While social media fans began to speculate that Jeffree and Nate had reconciled, the beauty star made it clear that Nathan was simply watching their dogs while he went to Orange County for the day.

In his story, Jeffree explained that after he posted the breakup video, he spent the day visiting his 102-year-old grandmother, Mary, who lives 90 minutes away from his home.

“Instead of having my security guards or my team watch my dogs, why not have Nathan who raised them with me for years watch them instead,” Jeffree told his fans.

He added that he and Nathan felt it was important to show that they will always be in one another’s lives.

The self-made millionaire also addressed reports that Nathan has already moved on and is dating a woman in another city.

“I’m like, you guys, do you think me and him want to date anyone else right now? Do you think that’s on our minds?” Jeffree asked his fans. “I’m on day 10 of crying my eyes out.”

Jeffree added that he is “emotionally drained” by the rumors before revealing that Nathan was still in the house and that he was going to go downstairs to say goodbye to him.

Jeffree later took to Twitter to warn the media to stop reporting lies about him and Nate.

Earlier in the day, Jeffree shared the sad breakup news with fans in an emotional 17-minute video. While he didn’t go into detail regarding the exact reason for his split from Nathan, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder rehashed the couple’s tumultuous year, which included the stress of losing two dogs and dealing with family illness. The exes also went through a recent move from Calabasas to their Hidden Hills dream home.

In his video, Jeffree made it clear that he and Nathan will always be friends and addressed the “custody” of the couple’s Pomeranian dogs.

“There’s no custody battle,” Jeffree said of the dogs. “[Nathan] can come over here any time he wants.”