Actress Bella Thorne Smooches Pop Star Ava Caceres in Dreamy New Music Video

Bella Thorne attends The 2020 InStyle And Warner Bros. event.
Mark Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Rising pop star Ava Caceres featured popular actress Bella Thorne in her new music video for the catchy song, “Be Somebody’s.” Singer Charlie DePew is also featured in the video that premiered exclusively on Billboard earlier today.

In the video, a lovestruck Caceres pursued a romance with Thorne’s character while they rehearsed for an unnamed stage play. Although the title of the play they were rehearsing was never revealed, Thorne’s character was spotted wearing black-feathered angel wings, while Caceres wore a gorgeous shimmering blue ensemble adorned with fairy lights.

Unfortunately, their relationship doesn’t end with a happily ever after, as it seems to crumble.

Early on in the video, the two women playfully chased each other through various set pieces. Thorne breathed steam on a sheet of plexiglass and drew a heart in the mist. The two then kissed through the see-through material before falling into each other’s arms.

Thorne shared a video of the kissing scene on her Instagram Thursday afternoon.

“I like blondes,” wrote the Famous In Love actress.

She went on to congratulate the songstress on the video’s premiere.

The rest of the video makes it apparent that Thorne’s character is seemingly not quite ready for the intensity of their encounter as she pushed the blonde away from her.

Caceres told Billboard that the song “was born out of a time period that was emotionally difficult, and in the spirit of becoming a process of healing, I thought of the strength that these artists I looked up to held and I knew that I needed to carry the same mindset.”

The singer also explained that she hoped the song would be a “window into the soul for anyone who is in need of personal acceptance and independence.”

In under five hours, the pop star’s video racked up over 1,000 views on YouTube. In under 30 minutes, Thorne’s Instagram share earned over 324,000 likes and more than 600 comments. Her 22.1 million followers quickly took to the comments section to admire the two girls’ beauty and express their enthusiasm over the video. Many of them praised the singer for her catchy tune and promised to download “Be Somebody’s” right away.

“She looks promising, glad you could be in her video,” a fan commented on Bella’s post.

Several of Thorne’s admirers were very complimentary about the overall design and aesthetic of the video. They praised the dreamy and magical vibe that was created by its color scheme and theatrical staging.