Lady Gaga Talks To Oprah Winfrey About Being Repeatedly Raped And The Mental Health Struggles That Followed

Lady Gaga sat down with Oprah Winfrey this past weekend in Fort Lauderdale to discuss her mental health issues. She admitted to the talk show legend that some of her problems stemmed from the fact that she had been raped when she was 19-years-old -- but Gaga's struggles did not start there.

The superstar, who showed up for her interview rocking bright pink hair, stated that she endured bullying while still in high school. She said she did not feel good about herself when her peers laughed at her for wanting to be a singer and an actress.

"I felt so secluded and isolated."
Following that time, and after she dropped out of college to pursue her dreams, she created Gaga. And, in doing so, this multi-talented entertainer claimed she "created a superhero" for herself.

"It was for the me I wanted to be," she explained.

Then she listed her specific wants from the woman who became Gaga, including wanting to be confident and to be filled with self-compassion, as well as wanting to have compassion for others.

"I wanted to share my vision of the world with the world."
Now, after a decade of being in the public eye, this free thinker realized that she was being watched, hence her decision to tell her truth because of that built-in audience. Also due to this responsibility, Gaga craves the idea that she will be able to "change people's lives."

Lady Gaga no longer feels like she needs to shock the world to gain attention like she did when she wore her memorable meat dress, a garment she claimed had been part of her artistry. These days, this hard-working individual feels that the most shocking way to engage is to be "completely honest" about what she has confronted during her lifetime.

"There is a discipline for passion and it is not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down or you have been beaten up," the singer explained. "It is how many times you get back up and you are brave and you keep on going."

On January 4, Lady Gaga was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey
Getty Images | Jason Koerner

Lady Gaga went into great detail about her mental health issues and how she has been dealing with chronic pain in the form of fibromyalgia when talking with Oprah. She explored how trauma has affected her health, referring to when she had been repeatedly raped in her late teens and when she then developed PTSD as a result. She admitted that she could not process that trauma for a long time.

At that point, she became a star. Suddenly, during this time, the pain she endured when she had been raped returned to afflict her. The triggers came in various forms and showing up in her life in different ways. Gaga turned into a self-abuser as a person who used to be a cutter and also used to throw herself against the wall.

In 2020, the 33-year-old artist has vowed to get the best professionals to figure out how to solve this mental health crisis on a worldwide scale.

In response to what she said, Oprah called Gaga "a force to be well and do well in this world." The incomparable interviewer also said her guest was among the world's most "game-changing and trailblazing thinkers."

"These are the rare few who channeled their fame and harnassed their own experiences," she continued, giving a nod to Lady Gaga, who obviously has given a nudge to all of her fans to be open about their situations in order to help others.