Heidi Klum Models In The Nude Via An Artistic Pose As She Covers Her Breasts With Her Hands

Heidi Klum has never been very modest. In recent years, the blond beauty has repeatedly tested the boundaries of Instagram's standards and practices while still being able to pose in the nude. Saturday's entry on her social media platform tested those boundaries as far as she could while still leaving very little to the imagination.

The 46-year-old supermodel stood in a photo studio sans any clothing. She did wear a pair of textured black stilettos to show off her unbelievable body to its best advantage as she stared into the camera lens with a provocative half-smile.

For the shot, which was taken against a white backdrop, Heidi stood to one side with her feet together. One hand covered her enviable breasts while her other hand rested on her tiny waist. Her toned booty was featured as were her long, lean legs.

Heidi's straight hair had been brushed back while all her tresses fell down her back. Her look in the black-and-white image seemed to include a face full of makeup, including darkened and groomed eyebrows, eyeliner on the top lid and the waterline, smoky eyeshadow, black mascara, contouring, and blush. Her lips appear to have been treated with a nude-color.

Although Heidi stood at attention for her risque photo, the overall feeling of the picture was that of an artistic take on the human body. The star's classic beauty helped to diminish any chance for the shot to be raunchy. Instead, considerable class was revealed when Heidi posed.

While Heidi often shows off her figure in either provocative attire or no attire, the German beauty is also game to be photographed in just about anything she so desires.

In fact, for Halloween each year, the lovely lady is known to undertake at least one drastic transformation in which she is completely unrecognizable.

At other times, she is just down for a day in comfy clothes. Last fall, as she hung out with her new husband, Tom Kaulitz, she rocked an oversized sweatshirt and jeans when the couple visited Cabo San Lucas after a storm. At the time, the streets were flooded with muddy waters, according to The Inquisitr.

Heidi's 7 million Instagram followers were immediately drawn to her latest post. She received more than 51,000 likes from her admirers and over 500 comments. Some were apparently tongue-tied, offering emoji, while others used words to talk about how they were feeling about the supermodel and her most recent social media snap.

"Omgosh!!! From my Puerto Rico know we love you. you are a role model 'no pun intended,'" stated one fan, who added a string of emoji, including a crying-laughing face, a kissy face, a black heart, the Puerto Rican flag, and a red heart-eyed face.

"Good lord that's a fine specimen!!" remarked a second follower.