Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flaunts Plunging Cleavage In Sexy ‘Game Of Thrones’ Outfit

Liz KatzInstagram

Stunning cosplay model Liz Katz shared a sensual new photograph of herself roleplaying as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones on Friday evening.

The cosplayer wore a pale blue dress with a plunging neckline, revealing her marvelous cleavage beneath. The gown was held up by golden mesh straps, while a similar material was used for the thick belt tied around her midriff. She completed the look with a blond wig in Daenerys’ traditional style.

Liz wore a full face of makeup to complement her outfit. She shaded in her eyebrows, contoured her cheekbones, dusted smoky eyeshadow across her lids, and painted her lips in a glossy pink shade. The stunner also rocked a shimmery gold manicure, while the tattoo on her left bicep was left uncovered.

She sat atop a bed with maroon sheets and matching pillows. A framed stained glass portrait of a knight was visible behind the model, who placed a prop dragon’s egg in front of her. This highlighted how Daenerys is known as the “Queen of Dragons” on the fantasy HBO series.

“Breaker of chains and hearts,” wrote the Instagram hottie, who also teased a link for more to be posted in her bio later tonight.

Within an hour of sharing her smoking hot photo, Liz’s followers commented more than 200 times and left 20,500 likes and counting.

Liz’s fans made several Game of Thrones-related puns and jokes in her comments section. They teased that they would like to see her pet dragons, and they would gladly bend the knee to their new “Khaleesi.”

One person playfully asked if the fake dragon egg was an avocado. There were several dragon emoji hidden within the comments, along with the customary hearts and flames from fans eager to praise Liz’s beauty.

“Dear lawd you’re beautiful and wicked sexy,” wrote one person.

“Those beautiful doe eyes get me every time,” said a second fan.

“All you need is your Khal Drogo, where can I sign up for an interview,” mentioned a third user.

“[M]mm nice…what about Triss Merigold cosplay? :)” requested a fourth person, referring to a character from another popular dark fantasy series, The Witcher.

Liz’s many admirers have become accustomed to seeing steamy images of the model on their Instagram feed regularly. She loves to toy with her fans by posing as notable pop culture characters, often in scandalous outfits. On New Year’s Day, the blond bombshell shared another suggestive snapshot of herself posing in a skintight mini dress and thigh-high black boots.