Abby Dowse Lifts Sweatshirt & Lowers Sweatpants In Flirty Photo

Abby Dowse poses for a selfie.
Abby Dowse / Instagram

Model Abby Dowse is starting off the new year the same way she finished the last — with sexy snaps that showcase her fabulous figure. On Friday, she shared a photo on Instagram that showed her looking as comfy as she did sexy.

Abby was in her kitchen for the photo. She stood in front of an oven and leaned against a counter. She wore a soft-looking pink sweatshirt and a pair of white sweatpants. While that kind of outfit might not sound very sexy — and not something the beauty posts online every day — Abby made it hot with a flirty pose that exposed plenty of skin.

The beauty lifted her shirt and exposed a good deal of her underboob as she leaned one hand on the counter. To add even more sex appeal to the snap, Abby had her sweatpants pulled down below her waist, showing off the curve of her hip in a pair of white bikini panties. The pose also showed off a good deal of Abby’s toned abs. Her bronze skin popped against the white fabric. The beauty also showed off a pair of pink-and-white trainers as she stood with one leg crossed over her other knee.

The camera captured Abby as she was looking down with a playful expression on her face. Her hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail with a few tendrils framing her face. Her makeup included dark brows, smoky eye shadow and gloss on her lush lips.

In the caption, she said the outfit was comfortable and mentioned that it came from fashion brand Missy Empire.

The outfit might not have been as revealing as what most of her followers are used to seeing, but they seemed to have loved it just the same. Many commented with heart and fire emoji, but others piled on the compliments.

“Hottest babe in a tracksuit!” one admirer said.

“Yoooo This is too fire Sweatpants swag, hair up, body on point Just insanely gorgeous,” raved a second follower.

“Smoking HOTTT body is AWESOME,” commented a third fan.

“Looking beautiful in what ever you wear,” wrote a fourth fan.

It appears that Abby can rock just about any look. While she seems to prefer bikinis and sexy lingerie, she also likes to show off her fit physique in a variety of revealing outfits. She recently looked smoking hot in a skintight crop top with a pair of Daisy Dukes.