Halle Berry Kicks Off The New Year With Sultry, Topless Photo

Actress Halle Berry has shared hundreds of photos with her followers throughout 2019, and it looks like she is going to do much of the same in 2020. On Wednesday morning, she took to Instagram to kick off the new year with a sultry topless shot.

The photo showed the Cloud Atlas star from behind on her knees as she leaned on a pile of large pillows propped against the back of a wicker sofa. The sofa was positioned in front of a glass wall that overlooked the ocean. A row of clouds dotted the horizon where the sky met the water.

Halle pulled her shirt down over her hips, highlighting her shapely shoulders, upper back, and curvy waistline. The way the shirt was pulled over her backside also highlighted her perky booty. The snap captured her body from the thigh up. Because of the way to top was pulled over her derrière, it was impossible to tell what kind of pants she was wearing. She wore her hair down in loose waves and was pulled over one shoulder.

Like many of the other pictures Halle shares on Instagram, the image was filtered and used shadows to create a dreamy, almost calming, effect. And, of course, it was sexy.

In the caption, the actress wrote that 2020 looked beautiful.

Many of her fans thought she was the beautiful object of the photo and told her so.

"Not as beautiful as you," one admirer said.

"The person behind the camera had 2 great views," quipped a second follower.

Some fans thanked her for her inspiring posts over the months.

"Love your tattoo, your spirit and your energy. Thank you for being you. You inspire me to my core," a third fan commented.

"You're an amazing inspiration to all women!" wrote a fourth follower.

Halle does a lot to inspire her followers. She uses her Fitness Friday posts to share her fitness and nutrition tips, which she often does with her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas. She also uploads videos of the exercises she does that keep her in tiptop shape.

Over the year, she has not only shared helpful information, she has also showed off her fit physique. From sexy dresses to workout gear, Halle looks good in it all. If 2020 is going to be anything like 2019, the actress's fans can look forward to many amazing photos that showcase her natural beauty and fabulous figure.