Sommer Ray Shows A Lot Of Skin While Rocking A Plaid Nightshirt In Sexy Poses

In 2017, Sommer took in the Premiere Of Disney And Marvel's "Thor: Ragnarok"
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Sommer Ray has been keeping comfy this holiday season. On Christmas Day she rocked a loungewear set as she sat next to her mom, while on Thursday she wore a red plaid nightshirt with a seam that seemed to have been cut up higher than is typical of such garments.

In fact, the long-sleeved affair that appeared on Instagram had apparently been altered to illustrate how hard Sommer works out as a fitness model. Since the comfy top — which featured buttons in the front and cuffs — was open from above her waist, nearly her entire side was revealed.

The result was that — with the exception of a tiny strap that apparently held up her panties — one of Sommer’s legs was not covered at all. In the second of the two-picture post, viewers were able to see the curvature of her bare bottom as well as her entire thigh. The image had been cropped just below knee level as she posed with her head facing the camera.

In the first of the two shots, Sommer had her hands behind her head as she sat against a gray cushion on a beige couch. Her hair, which rocked a messy look, had been flipped to one side, allowing the majority of her tresses to trail down the front of her long shirt.

Her expressive face was full of makeup, including her signature thick brows that had been darkened and groomed, an eyelid full of pink eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and copious amounts of mascara on both her top and bottom lashes. Her pout was slightly darker than her natural lips as she slightly parted her mouth when the camera clicked her image.

For a bit of a bling factor, the 23-year-old star rocked hoop earrings, a bracelet, and her standard set of rings on each of four fingers on one hand.

Sommer’s 23.1 million Instagram followers seemed to be keen on her latest social media post, with dozens writing comments to and about the popular athletic model within one hour of the update going live.

“Like if she’s hot don’t be a boomer,” commented one fan, who added a sleepy face, a do not disturb sign, and a blue baseball cap emoji.

“How can an individual be so beautiful?” questioned a second admirer.

“You’re fine as wine lemme get a reply,” stated a third follower, who hoped Sommer would respond as this social media user often does when an Instagram user asks to be answered.

“Can you just say hi to me please,” queried a fourth fan, who also begged to be noticed by the popular social media model.