Carmella Rose Ditches Bottoms In Glittering Halter Top

Carmella Rose gave fans something to talk about with her newest Instagram update today. It was a short video clip of her posing for a Maxim Mexico photoshoot, as she ditched bottoms and only wore a halter top.

The stunner was seen striking the Bambi pose with her legs together. She sat in front of a white backdrop and cast a couple of shadows behind her. The top that she wore was silver and glittery, and it tied in the back with a very thin string. The front of the ensemble was flowy and loose, with an upside-down triangle hem.

In the beginning of the Instagram clip, Carmella's hair was seen blowing as she closed her eyes and faced towards the camera. She wore it down in a side part, and her locks were straight.

The model then shook her head slightly from side to side, and moved her hair behind her shoulders. She glanced back over to the camera, and gave a small pout with her lips pursed. Her makeup included dark lipstick and shimmery eyeshadow. She eventually opened her mouth slightly and gave a smoldering look. Her skin looked glowing and flawless in the lighting. Throughout the whole video, the model kept her hands on her upper thighs.

Fans rushed to the comments section with their compliments, but there was some back-and-forth between the model and a fan. The controversy was due to her captions.

"The problem isn't with your body, the problem is what you think of it and what you think of yourself," she wrote.

One person made a remark on the captions, and their comment received over 200 likes.

"Just because you have the perfect body, so can't really hate yourself," they wrote.

Carmella responded to the follower with this message, which garnered over 590 likes.

"That's very untrue. Just because I'm thin doesn't mean I don't get insecure and question myself. It's taken a lot of growth to realize what true self love is. I'm not posting this to show perfection, that doesn't exist, I'm posting it because I've gained enough confidence inside myself to express who I am. To not be afraid...," she explained.

Carmella would go on to note that she was showing vulnerability, only to be shut down.

In addition, the bombshell previously shared another social media update where she showed off her sultry side. This time, she was seen rocking lingerie. The ensemble was black, with a classic-cut bra and strappy bottoms.