December 17, 2019
Erica Mena Shows Off Her Baby Bump While Wearing A Black Lace Bra On Instagram

Erica Mena posted another baby bump update on her personal Instagram page.

The model and Love and Hip Hop star recently posed for the camera while showing off her pregnant belly. She was photographed wearing a black, lace bra as she rested on a white blanket. The blanket was covered in sequins that sparkled in the picture. Mena kept one hand on her thigh as the bottom half of her body was draped in a pink blanket. Her cleavage and tattoos were also visible in the snap.

Mena herself was glowing in the photo. The singer's skin was glistening as the sparkles from the blanket reflected onto her face and arms. She also appeared to be calm as she was covered in stones and crystals, which were placed around the blanket. Mena also had stones and white feathers placed all over her long, black hair. She went even further with the crystals by holding one in her hand as the photographer captured the peaceful moment.

While the shoot appears to be extravagant, Mena decided to keep her makeup and accessories simple. She decided to wear minimal makeup, only showing off her faux eyelashes as her eyes were closed in the photo. The reality star also sculpted her eyebrows for the serene photo op. As for accessories, Mena was only seen wearing three gold bracelets for the photoshoot. Her acrylic nails were painted a nude color and Mena was also rocking her diamond engagement ring.

In the photo's caption, the model shared with her followers the importance of remaining calm in any situation. She advised her fans that their "energy" should be secured and shouldn't be shared with everyone that they cross paths with.

Mena's tranquil post seemed to resonate with her 4.8 million Instagram followers. The mommy-to-be received more than 100,000 likes for her post. She also received a plethora of comments from her fans shortly after posting.

"You're my spirit animal," one fan said.

"I'm proud of you Sis!! You've grown and come a long way," another fan shared.

"Mood asffff sisss," chimed in a third follower.

"Yess!! Get that crystal therapy," wrote a forth social media user.

Mena's post about energy comes after her fans caught her on Season 10 of Love and Hip Hop: New York. The VH1 star returned to the Empire State cast alongside her husband Safaree Samuels on Monday, December 16. The couple are among several fan favorites to return to the first installment of the franchise. Original stars Chrissy Lampkin, Jim Jones, and Mena's ex, Cyn Santana, are also appearing on the show.