Brunette Beauty Lyna Perez Flaunts Her Chest In An Elegant See-Through Crop Top

Madison Lennon

Brunette babe Lyna Perez flaunted her breasts on Instagram today. The stunner posted a photo of herself wearing a completely see-through crop top. Her entire chest was visible, thanks to the translucent fabric. Lyna put a faint blur on her nipples to keep from being flagged by Instagram. Nonetheless, the photo was still quite NSFW. Lyna really gave her 4.3 million followers an impromptu peepshow.

Lyna's top was elegant in design. It was embroidered with delicate floral patterns, not unlike something you might see on a doily or antique pair of curtains. Lyna tied her top together just beneath her breasts, but there was a large open window between the two sides of the fabric. Not only were her breasts visible, but her tanned cleavage was also on display.

From the hemline of her shirt down to the waistband of her denim blue jeans, Lyna's gorgeous and taut stomach looked extra fit, thanks to her sitting position. The model has arched her back to allow both her chest and booty to pop. Her distressed jeans were form-fitting and tight against her lower half. With a few holes in the denim fabric, Lyna's admirers also got a glimpse of her thighs.

To accessorize her ensemble, Lyna kept things simple with a few gold rings and a pair of earrings. Only one earring was visible, the other was presumably hidden behind her long brunette hair, which hung in loose waves.

As for make-up, Lyna wore shimmering pink lipstick, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and bronzer.

It's not clear where Lyna's photo was taken, although it looks somewhere serene thanks to the gorgeous view of the sunset behind her.

Lyna's fans were quite pleased with the racy snapshot and filled her comments section with praise.

"[Y]ou are the absolute best and inspire me to get in shape," said one person.

"Damn gurl you are beautiful," added a second admirer.

"Now it's a happy friday," commented one excited user.

"Wow what a view," wrote a fourth fan along with several flame and heart-eyes emoji.

The model advertised her "first and ONLY" calendar in her photo caption. The calendar will be for the upcoming 2020 year and is now on sale through her website.

AsThe Inquisitr previously reported, Lyna flaunted her stupendous curves Thursday in a different photograph on her Instagram page. In it, she wore a curve-hugging crochet dress that hardly covered up her bodacious bosom and hid only a little of her hips and legs.