Elizabeth Hurley Gets Flirty As She Eats Breakfast In Bed

Actor Elizabeth Hurley attends WCRF's "An Unforgettable Evening" presented by Saks Fifth Avenue at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on February 16, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Model Elizabeth Hurley gave her followers something to get excited about Tuesday when she shared a series of flirty photos that showed her about to eat breakfast in bed.

The beauty’s update consisted of three photos that showed her in a bed surrounded by white linen. Fluffy pillows were up against a padded headboard with wooden accents.

One snap showed the brunette bombshell holding a comforter close to her chest as leaned forward and smiled for the camera. A black strap could be seen on her shoulder, but that was all the model was going to show of her nightie.

Another picture showed Elizabeth holding the comforter close to her neck as she flashed a playful, flirty smile. She covered up the front of her chest but portions of the black straps as well as her shoulders could be seen through her hair.

The remaining snap showed the stunner sitting in bed with the comforter wrapped around her chest and under her arms as she held a bowl in her hands. The bowl appeared to be oatmeal topped with banana slices. She gave the camera a smile before digging into the healthy breakfast.

Elizabeth’s hair fell down over her shoulders. It may have been morning, but she wore a face full of makeup for the snap the included eye shadow, eyeliner, and a clear gloss on her lips.

In the caption, the beauty commented that she sometimes gets breakfast in bed if she has the right look on her face. She did not care to divulge who might have prepared her the breakfast, but many of her fans told her they would gladly take that job without any complaints.

“I would do that for you everyday!!” joked one admirer.

Many of her followers seemed thrilled with the candid photos.


“You look so adorable in your bed perfect beautiful…” a second fan wrote.

“Lovely photos Elizabeth and you are one amazing lady,” said a third follower.

“The most beautiful woman in the world,” commented a fourth admirer.

Elizabeth has been on a roll lately, thrilling her fans with pictures that showcase her fabulous figure. While recently promoting her swimwear line, she uploaded a photo in which she wore a skimpy bikini. There’s no denying that the actress looks stunning in a bathing suit, but it seems she looks fabulous in whatever she wears. And her fans love just about everything she posts, even if she is wrapped in bed sheets.