December 1, 2019
Madi Edwards Rocks An All-Denim Outfit On Instagram

Madi Edwards shared a new Instagram update with her fans today, as she showed off an all-denim look. She was seen posing while facing the camera straight-on in the first photo and rocked a denim tank top and jeans. The tank top featured a low scoop-neck, which left her cleavage on display. It had two light blue seams on the sides of her chest, along with one down the center. The top also had a cropped cut, which left parts of her midriff exposed. Meanwhile, the denim jeans were a slightly darker wash. They were high-waisted, and the model was seen posing with her thumbs in the pockets.

The stunner also wore her hair down in a middle part, as she curled the ends of her locks. Her roots were dark brown, with the rest of her hair dyed a platinum blond color. She accessorized with a matching denim purse and gold necklaces. The longest necklace featured the thinnest chain with a flower-shaped charm. There were two more choker-style necklaces. Madi also sported a bracelet and multiple rings on both hands.

The second image, on the other hand, showed her posing from the side. She faced her left shoulder to the camera and looked over her shoulder with a slight pout on her face. This angle also revealed that her denim purse featured a large, silver buckle.

The model posed inside an elegant space, with light wood-paneled floors and a grand piano in the middle of the floor. Beyond that were arches that led out to a room that was brightly lit. Madi appeared to be standing in front of windows with sunlight streaming in, and her skin was glowing.

Fans had lots to say about the photos in the comments section.

"A real Beverly Hills woman should have something like that," wrote an admirer, who took notice of the geotag.

"All jean erryyyythang," gushed a follower.

"Amazing beauty!" exclaimed a fan.

"You look better with clothes on," suggested a fourth Instagram user.

The stunner is known for her bikini pics, but she does often post photos of herself in workout gear and dresses. However, it's much more uncommon for her to share another type of outfit. For example, her recent update showed her in a low-cut bustier, which walked a fine line between regular clothing and lingerie. The top was sparkling with matching straps, while her hair was pulled back into a dramatic look with defined waves.