Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Grabs Her Chest While Flaunting Her Ripped Abs

Michelle Lewin takes a selfie.
Michelle Lewin / Instagram

Michelle Lewin looked smoking hot as she showed off her rippling abs in her latest Instagram update, which was posted to her account Monday night.

In the photo, Michelle can be seen wearing a pair of skintight gray yoga pants and a pale pink crop top as she flaunted her enviable curves. The fitness model looked stunning as she grabbed her chest and flexed her rock-hard abs for her fans, showcasing her toned arms, ample bust, curvy booty, and lean legs in the process.

Michelle stood in front of a large window as a busy city scene can be seen behind her. She wore her long, platinum blond hair in a deep side part and styled in messy waves that fell down her back and brushed over her shoulders.

The model also opted for a full face of makeup, sporting defined eyebrows, thick lashes, and a shimmering highlighter on her face. She added some dark pink lipstick to complete her glam look and she accessorized with a gold bracelet around her wrist.

In the caption of the photo, Michelle gave her fans some tips for getting ripped abs such as hers, revealing that it’s not just about hitting the gym, but also about maintaining a healthy diet.

Of course, Michelle’s more than 13 million followers couldn’t get enough of the photo, clicking the like button more than 245,000 times and leaving over 1,400 comments in less than 24 hours after the pictures went live.

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The truth is: we all got abs! READ THIS???????????????? -The difference between visable abs and “no abs at all” is the amount of fat in between the ab muscles and the skin. Everybody can go to the gym to lift weights, but not everybody can control the diet. It doesn’t just happen, you have to make a choice. You have to set a goal, and STICK TO IT. Now the question is… do you have the discipline to do it? Maybe you didn’t know it… but, YES YOU DO! Need some tips? Ok, here we go: 1. Get used to not having "bad" food at home. No matter how strong you think you are… you will eat it. Make it more complicated for yourself so you won't fall for the temptations. 2. Do it together! In a relation, it will get so much easier if you strive for the same goal: a healthier you. If your partner refuses, ask him to please respect your struggle and don't eat the pizza straight infront of you. It's a matter for respect and understanding. It's like drinking infront of an alcoholic who want to become sober. Or smoke in front of a chainsmoker who wants to quit. But many don't see it that way since it's "just" food. 3. Plan the day before what you will eat the next day. You will do yourself a favor so you don't have to make decisions when you are hungry. Those decision will never turn out the way you would want them. I am one of those: I never let myself become hungry because I can't control myself. It’s probably an instinct so strong it’s, at least for me, uncontrollable????????‍♀️ 4. If you need help with what to eat, and how much to eat: contact a nutritionist. Or, even easier and way cheaper, download the app MEALPLAN and let me help you customize a plan for you based on how you answer all the questions I will ask you when registering. It's worth it, trust me. Link to the app Mealplan in my bio (also in Spanish, iPhone iPad only, sorry????) Questions?????????‍♀️

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“You looking great I’m working on it to be flat like you have,” one of Michelle’s Instagram followers wrote in the comments section of the post about their own tummy.

“I admire you sooo much!!! And days I’m lacking motivation here you are pushing me. THANK YOU,” another adoring fan stated.

“Your [sic] my favorite human for posting this! 100 percent going to share this,” a third social media user said.


“Amazing! Seeing your abs my motivation is high!” a fourth comment read.

However, it’s not just about her insanely toned abs for Michelle. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the model also recently talked to her followers about her “buns of steel” and added some brand new Instagram videos to showcase her toned booty.

In the video, the model rocked a pair of brown yoga pants and a matching sports bra while revealing some of her best workout moves to get her backside in top condition.

Michelle’s fans also loved that post, which has earned over 65,000 likes and more than 500 comments to date.