November 25, 2019
Rachel Cook Looks Effortlessly Gorgeous In Clingy Pink Dress

Playboy model Rachel Cook shared a new Instagram update of herself glowing in Hawaii while wearing a figure-hugging pale pink Oh Polly dress. Many of her admiring followers were pleased to see the stunner in yet another striking photograph. The glowing brunette smoldered from her position between palm fronds and natural Hawaiian foliage.

Rachel has been in Hawaii for quite some time if all of her photo captions are to be believed. She's been posting various shots from her island visit for about two weeks now. The green bamboo stalks and leaves served as a background that allowed her to stand out in her newest snap.

The model seems to be enjoying her time in the Aloha State. She decided to go almost makeup-free in the photo and was looking quite content and serene. She also opted to not add any accessories to her ensemble, choosing instead to let her bronzed skin and pink dress take center stage in the shot. The stunner pulled her natural brunette hair into a high ponytail to keep herself cool in the island sun.

The dress is quite modest compared to what Rachel generally wears in her Instagram updates. The tightness of the clingy fabric allowed for some ample cleavage to be displayed. The dress also sported a fairly high hemline, leaving much of her toned legs on display, to the delight of her fans.

While this post isn't nearly as revealing as her topless beach photos taken for WTVR magazine, which Rachel has said will be uncensored for the official cover, fans still went wild over the shot.

More than 500 of her 2.6 million followers have commented on her most recent upload. The photo also received over 71,000 likes at the time of this writing. Considering how beautiful Rachel is, it is hardly surprising that her fans reacted positively to the picture.

Many couldn't come up with the words needed to properly encapsulate the brunette's drop-dead gorgeous looks, choosing instead to flood her comments with emoji of many different variety. These included, but were not limited to, flames, hearts, smiley faces, heart-eyes, praise hands, and thumbs-up emoji.

Still, some managed to find their words to express their love of the new snap.

"Oh my gosh...dress is so cute," said one adoring fan.

"Seems like you are having fun," commented another follower.

"Looking utterly stunning pretty lady," a third user added, along with a row of heart-eyes emoji.

"Simply stunning as always Rachel!! So pretty!!" exclaimed a fourth admirer.