'Dynasty' Star Elizabeth Gillies Stuns In Charcoal Pinstripe Pantsuit On Instagram

Trisha Faulkner

As her 9 million Instagram followers know, Elizabeth Gillies likes to hype up new episodes of the Dynasty each week by sharing snaps of herself rocking her latest ensemble while dressed up as Fallon Carrington.

This week was no different as Liz stunned in a charcoal-colored pinstripe pantsuit. The actress looked absolutely dapper as she paired her pantsuit with black, knee-high, heeled leather boots.

Parted down the middle, her brunette tresses flowed down her body with loose curls. Liz treated her followers to two different snaps of herself rocking the outfit.

The first snap, which hit her profile roughly 24 hours ago, was a close-up side view that featured Gillies from just below the bottom of her booty and up. The actress turned her head back to look over her shoulder and give the camera a nice clear shot of her face. She pushed her hand into her pocket as she gazed into the camera with a serious expression on her face.

The second snap was a full frontal view of Gillies rocking her suave ensemble. Again, Gillies had a serious expression on her face with her hands pushed into her pockets.

The photo featured Elizabeth standing on dead grass as she was surrounded by trees. The trees, however, weren't so thick that sunlight had trouble getting through as the rays of the sun could be seen bouncing off the top of her head.

In the caption of her second snap, Elizabeth noted that she absolutely loved this fashion choice on her character's behalf. For the most part, her followers also seemed to be pretty happy with the pantsuit.

In the comment section, Liz had many female followers who jestingly revealed they didn't realize they could find women attractive until they started following Gillies. Some even took it a step further and blamed Gillies for their sudden interest in women.

Gillies had one follower who joked that bears should be careful as there was a fire burning.

The comments also contained the usual smattering of single word complements as well as those declaring their love for the actress.

Finally, Gillies had a few fans that wanted to know when the newest season of Dynasty would be available on Netflix.