A Michael Jackson Biopic Is In Development From ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Producer

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A movie about Michael Jackson‘s life may finally be coming to the big screen, per The Hollywood Reporter. Rumors have swirled around the possibility of a biopic about the iconic star’s life for years, but they have never come to fruition due to the controversial nature of his lifestyle.

At present, the Jackson estate is locked in a heated lawsuit with HBO over the documentary Leaving Neverland. The Inquisitr previously reported that the accusers from the documentary may seek justice in new trials, meaning the lawsuit is not likely to end any time soon.

However, despite this, Graham King and his production company, GK Films, are reportedly working on a new film about the King of Pop’s life. The Hollywood Reporter claims that King will “work with the Michael Jackson estate, which granted the producer the rights to the late singer’s music.”

Additionally, Academy Award-nominated writer John Logan will pen the screenplay. At the moment, no director has been attached to the project.

Those who saw last year’s hit film Bohemian Rhapsody — a movie about the life of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury — are likely familiar with King’s work. Bohemian Rhapsody won several awards and was nominated for many more, including Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards.

Critics and the general public loved Bohemian Rhapsody. Still, the film has fallen under intense criticism from many Queen fans, who felt the movie didn’t portray Mercury in an accurate light and believe the film glossed over his sexuality and his struggle with AIDS. As such, King’s involvement in the potential Jackson project has already received backlash on social media.

“Won’t be worth watching with the word ‘complicated’ being used. Hollywood is just going to spread more lies,” said one person on Twitter.

Another Twitter user questioned how an accurate biopic about Jackson could be competently made when the life he led was so complicated.

“How is anyone supposed to make an accurate biopic about a man when real facts about his life and impact continue to be shifted, distorted and obscured, even in death?”

“No. An incredible talent and a heartbreaking life but an abuser nonetheless. Don’t ignore what he did to children,” stated a third user.

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Regardless of who makes this film, it will have to cover controversial matter due to the nature of Jackson’s life and the allegations against him taking place in real-time. Not everyone is happy about the possibility of his story unfolding on the big screen.

The potential movie about Jackson’s life is not the only project on the horizon covering the singer’s legacy, as The Hollywood Reporter also notes that a Broadway musical is in development by his estate. It will follow several of the singer’s most notable musical achievements throughout his career and will be titled MJ the Musical.