Derek Hough Undergoes Emergency Surgery To Remove Appendix

Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough stand in front of a sign for 'El Camino'
Rachel Murray / Getty Images

Derek Hough had quite the rough night, and it wasn’t anything the dancer saw coming. The World of Dance judge revealed on Instagram on Saturday evening that he had to have his appendix removed in an emergency surgery after waking up with a shooting pain in his abdomen. At 3 a.m., Derek said he “knew something was wrong” and his instincts were right as doctors promptly diagnosed him with appendicitis. The organ had to be removed immediately, but that didn’t drag down the 34-year-old’s spirits.

The new post featured Derek in a bland hospital gown with slow-jams music dubbed over him taking in his outfit. The post was obviously a playful jab from girlfriend Hayley Erbert, and the dancer laughed when he realized he was caught on camera in the funny garbs. Derek even posted a little bit of the couple’s conversation in the caption of his new post, where he said Hayley said he looked “so hot.” The former Dancing With the Stars cast member thanked his girlfriend for lying to him.

Celebrities, friends, and fans began wishing Derek good vibes in the comments section of the post. Love was sent to the famous dancer from Gavin DeGraw, Benjamin Burnley, Shirley Ballas, and Travis Wall.

Derek also shared a good bit from his hospital visit on his Instagram story, which included a lengthy time-lapse of his journey through hospital halls while lying on a gurney. He also shared some snaps from Hayley’s own personal Instagram story, where she took a photo of her boyfriend lying in bed surrounded with all the cat GIFs she could find. Derek was oblivious to the photos and the fact that he was being surrounded by guitar-playing kitties.

“Isn’t he sexy?” Hayley wrote on her Instagram story of Derek in his gown. At this time, she has not shared any posts to her Instagram timeline of Derek since having his surgery early this morning. It might have been the drive the couple needed to move further in their relationship, as Derek recently said he was ready for babies.

The Instagram story shed some light on Derek’s news-breaking post, which confirmed the photo in the hospital gown was taken post-surgery. The dancer clearly wasn’t struggling too badly after undergoing the emergency operation. Despite being somewhat a routine surgical procedure and performed on around 200,000 patients a year, it’s still a scary situation for anyone to be in.


Just a few days ago, Derek was enjoying spending some time outside with Hayley and posted a fall-festive picture among the changing leaves of the season. He fawned over the beauty of nature and appeared to be feeling fine, not knowing that in just a couple days he would land in a hospital bed.