Bhad Bhabie Looks Unrecognizable With New Hair On Instagram

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Bhad Bhabie just shared a video and photo of her new haircut and the 16-year-old “BESTIE” rapper looked wildly different with her new bangs.

Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, first shared a black-and-white video of her new ‘do, which flaunts a full bang just past her eyebrows. In the video, you can also see Bhad Bhabie’s lush, lengthy lashes, a slight glint of a sparkly nose stud, and a peek of her neck tattoo. It’s hard to tell if the hairdo is the young star’s natural hair or a wig, but her Instagram caption — in which she reveals she’s trying to get used to the change — would suggest that the bangs are a real cut.

The new hairstyle is certainly a switch-up from Bhad Bhabie’s previous look, which showed the money-making rapper with fire-engine red hair, often with her locks tied into a sharp ponytail, baby hairs curled and gelled to her forehead and in front of her ears. And if Bhabie wasn’t rocking the redhead look, then she was donning Cherry Coke-colored tresses — again, more often than not, in a high pony.

Whatever the style, however, the bangs are definitely a new look for the “HI BICH” rapper, and it seems like she’s not so sure how she feels about it yet.

Her fans seemed to be unsure as well, with some voicing their dislike and others commenting with positive emoji (think fire). However, regardless of what Bhad Bhabie or fans think of the new hair, one thing’s for sure: her 17.2 million followers noticed that she didn’t exactly look like herself. In fact, more than a handful of followers felt that she, instead, looked like other celebrities.

Some fans pointed out her resemblance to Nicki Minaj, particularly in the second photo. In that selfie snap, Bhad Bhabie pouted in front of a mirror, her unicorn-colored nails slightly blurred by the lighting and her heavily inked hand holding up her large, pink-and-white shearling phone case.

“Hey Nicki,” one follower commented.

“She looks like nikiminaj [sic] in 2014,” another wrote.

But one follower thought she actually looked like Angelina Jolie in a starring role in one of her movies, in which Jolie also rocked long, straight, black hair with bangs.

“You look like angelina jolie from salt,” said the fan.

All in all, it’s incredible how getting bangs can change one’s appearance so drastically — as happened with Bhad Bhabie here.