Bombshell Anastasiya Kvitko Is A ‘Bad Influence’ In A Tiny Nude Bikini

Anastasiya KvitkoInstagram

Russian bombshell Anastasiya Kvitko recently gave her 10.1 million Instagram followers a late weekend treat when she posted a picture of herself in a tiny nude bikini on Sunday afternoon. The buxom brunette also announced in her caption that the post was made in collaboration with the inaugural issue of Bad Influence magazine.

Fans will no doubt love the shot as it puts nearly all of Anastasiya’s insane curves on full display. Her body, which can boast 39-25-41 inch measurements, is considered to be so enviable that it has earned her the title of the “Russian Kim Kardashian.”

In the shot, Anastasiya sits on a stone ledge, in front of a view of the luxurious mansions and canals of Miami. The background was blurred, making sure that full focus was on Anastasiya, though fans would argue that it wasn’t necessary, as she already garnered their complete attention.

For attire, the buxom brunette absolutely sizzled in the tiniest of beige bikinis. The top is a classic style, with a deep V at the center of the bust. It appears nearly too small for the Miami-based beauty, as she looks close to spilling out of it.

Anastasiya is angled sideways to the camera, meaning that little of her bikini bottoms is in view. However, she offers the merest hint of the item with a small matching strap at the hip.

The color of the bikini emphasizes her deep golden tan, no doubt achieved from days spent lying in the Florida sun. It was also accentuated with the Russian beauty’s stacked gold bracelets on her right arm. As befitting her glamorous lifestyle, the jewelry comes from luxury retailer Cartier.

However, it is not just the attire that is the cause of the shot’s sultry nature. Much of it also comes from Anastasiya’s pose. The 24-year-old arches her back in the photo, tilting her head upwards with her eyes closed and lips slightly parted. She has lifted up her leg ever so slightly to flaunt the incredible curve of her derriere, and dewy drops of water dot her tanned and toned limbs.

The final touch of the photo was an edit that added red drawn-on horns and a devil’s tail on the stunner, befitting the title of the magazine.

In just an hour, the post earned over 51,000 likes and more than 600 comments.

“You are gorgeous- even with the tale and horns,” one fan teased, along with two smiling faces.

“Fantastic body,” another raved, with several heart-eye emoji along with some red hearts.

“Slaying,” concluded a third, with three fire emoji.

Though Anastasiya may be devilish in her latest picture, she was ironically an angel for Halloween. She loved the ensemble so much that she kept her blond wig, and modeled it on Friday while wearing a pair of pants so tight, they look painted on (via The Inquisitr).