Brunette Bombshell Katelyn Runck Nearly Pops Out Of Bikini In Latest Update

Fitness bombshell Katelyn Runck showcased her incredible figure in her latest Instagram update, which showed her nearly popping out of a skimpy bikini.

The first photo showed Katelyn standing with her shapely arms over her head -- a pose that brought attention to her chest. With plenty of underboob on display, it looked as though she was about to fall out of the top. With one hip to the side, the model struck a pose while giving the camera a sultry look. The snap captured all of her body, showing off her chiseled abs, toned legs and bronze skin.

The second shot showed Katelyn from a closer angle. With one hand against the wall and another in her hair, she struck a pose that made it look as though she was about to pop right out of the bikini top. She pouted for the camera as she put her hourglass figure on display.

In the third snap, Katelyn gave the camera a serious look while holding a leaf as she stood next to the wall. She flashed a bit of underboob as she stood with one arm next to her side.

The beauty wore a full face of makeup that included dark brows, smoky eye shadow and a nude color on her lips. Her hair was parted on the side and fell in waves over her shoulder.

In the caption, Katelyn said that the bikini she was wearing came from fashion brand Tiger Mist. She also apologized in advance for sharing so many jungle photos before asking her fans which picture they preferred.

Some fans had a favorite, but others seemed to have a hard time picking just one. Other followers couldn't help but comment on how fabulous Katelyn looked in the bikini.

"You are literally slaying these pictures. Don't apologize," one fan wrote with smiley face and fire emoji.

"You have such a wonderful body," wrote a second follower.

"Waking up and seeing new sexy pics of you everyday is like waking up on Christmas morning every day," quipped a third admirer.

Needless to say, Katelyn's fans are rarely disappointed with her Instagram posts. She recently gave them something to get excited about when she shared photos that showed her flaunting her curves in a striped bikini while on the beach. While most of the beauty's updates show her in revealing swimwear, she did recently share a snap of her looking incredible in a sexy dress.