November 8, 2019
Casi Davis Flaunts Bombshell Booty As She Hits The Gym In New Instagram Video

Casi Davis is working up a sweat in the most recent video on her Instagram page.

In the shared clip, the blond bombshell can be seen training her lower body with weights, all while wearing a gray sports bra and matching biker shorts. For most of the clip, the camera was positioned behind the 32-year-old fitness model, giving her over 1 million Instagram followers a great view of her toned posterior.

First, Casi did squats, step-ups, and deadlifts with a barbell. Later, she switched to dumbbells to do staggered stance Romanian deadlifts but then quickly shifted to side-step taps on a bench for a little bit of cardio. After that, she swung a kettlebell a couple of times before the video wrapped up.

In the comments, fans seemed in awe of Casi's enviable figure.

"Booty goals right hurrrrrrrr," wrote fellow model Katya Elise Henry.

"You look incredible," another fan added.

"Strong Power woman," a third fan wrote before adding red heart emoji to their comment.

"You are so PERFECT," a fourth fan gushed.

In the caption, Casi shared that she was working out with Luis Medal, a Miami-based fitness coach. Although he doesn't appear in the video she shared, Casi is featured in multiple clips on his Instagram page.

The caption also encourages fans to follow her fitness page, Body by Casi Davis.

Much like her personal page, Casi's fitness Instagram has lots of jaw-dropping photos of her incredibly toned body. But she goes into a lot more detail about her workout routines. She also shares additional tips and demonstrations on her YouTube channel, which currently has 157,000 subscribers.

Her most recent Instagram video is actually a condensed version of a longer workout demo on her channel which she uploaded about a week ago. In the clip, she offered extra instructions on how to maintain your form while doing the exercises.

Unlike in her Instagram post, Luis Medal showed up in the YouTube video, in order for him and Casi to do partnered medicine ball workouts.

Casi and Luis both seemed very comfortable with one another as they went through the circuit. At one point, they shared a hearty laugh together while doing a lateral toss of the ball as it slipped out of Casi's hands. Later, they took a break from working out to do a goofy, synchronized dance. In another candid moment, he tried tossing the ball at her without realizing that she isn't looking, almost hitting her in the face as they both burst out laughing afterward.

The YouTube video currently has over 30,000 views.