Emily Ratajkowski Goes Topless At The Beach In New Instagram Photo

Emily Ratajkowski appears to be working on her tan in the most recent photo on her Instagram page. In the photo, the brunette stunner is in the buff from the waist up while she lounges at a beach. The weather looks idyllic in the background as you can see a blue sky with fluffy white clouds and blue waves lapping against the shore.

Despite her lack of clothing, Emily maintains a sliver of modesty thanks to a hat that's resting on her chest. She appears to be wearing bikini bottoms as there's a strip of black fabric covering her pelvic area.

Emily tagged her fashion brand Inamorata Woman but it's hard to tell whether this post is meant to promote a particular article of clothing, as she did not include a caption. The tag appears over the hat but it doesn't appear to be available for sale on the brand's website.

After about one hour from the time the photo was posted, it had accumulated over 442,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments from fans that hailed from all over the world, expressing appreciation for the new snap.

"How can a human be so perfect," one person wrote.

The post also inspired a desire to become a fashion accessory in one of Emily's followers.

"I wish I was a hat," an Instagram user wrote.

The photo even inspired a marriage proposal.

"Marry Me," the fan wrote, though Emily did not respond to the comment.

"Hottie," a third admirer simply wrote before adding a fire and heart-eye emoji to their comment.

A lot of the other commenters decided to forgo words altogether and chose to comment using strings of emoji.

This isn't the first time that Emily has posed topless in an Instagram photo. In a previous post on the Inamorata Woman Instagram page, she was dressed solely in cheetah print bikini bottoms. In the photo, she covered her decolletage with her arms while leaning against a wall. That photo has amassed more than 26,000 likes and just under 100 comments.

On August 12, in a photo that seems to be a selfie, she was wearing minimal makeup, some delicate layered necklaces, and nothing else. She was also flaunting a sparkly diamond ring in the image. Much like her most recent photo, Emily left her caption mostly blank. On this occasion, however, she decided to include the emoji for sparkles.

The above photo currently has over 1 million likes on Instagram and 3,400-plus comments.