October 29, 2019
World Series Flasher Julia Rose Exposes Chest To Mark Lifetime Ban, Jokes 'Anyone Got Tickets For Game 6?'

Julia Rose went from relatively famous Instagram model to front-page news after flashing her chest at Game 5 of the 2019 World Series. Alongside fellow flasher Lauren Summer, Julia is now subject to a lifetime ban from all Major League Baseball games.

Julia updated her Instagram feed late last night, sharing an image centered around her recent notoriety. Her photo included a nice exterior view of Nationals Park, though the focus largely rested on the model's exposed chest. The caption attached to this sultry snapshot spoke of Julia's new ban.

Julia's photo was taken outdoors. She was pictured standing outside of the ballpark, wearing the same yellow shirt that she had lifted up during Game 5. Julia was standing, facing the camera and looking confidently at it, as she used both hands to raise her top. Her bare breasts were on show, although small baseball icons placed over Julia's nipples were working to protect her modesty. The exhibitionist also wore black jeans and a cropped jacket, with the latter being worn open. Julia was looking confident as she exposed her chest, and that confidence continued through to her caption -- Julia jokingly asked about getting her hands on tickets for the next game. She also encouraged her fans to head over to her bio to watch footage of the Game 5 flashing event.

The photo has received an immense response thus far, racking up over 400,000 likes in the space of 12 hours. Julia's fans took to the comments section by the masses, and most gave Julia their approval. However, some detractors also made their stance known.

"Finally made baseball an exciting sport," a fan wrote.

"You're a national treasure...." read another comment.

"Why did you do that at the game when there was children watching? Smh," a user stated, showing clear disapproval.

"You must have lived a terrible life to grow up and act as you do... exhibitionist acting like you're doing it for cancer etc...class it up!" one critic remarked.

Julia had justified her flashing of the Game 5 crowd by pointing out that her publication, Shagmag, was sending proceeds to breast cancer initiatives.

Having a posing partner is nothing new for Julia. The model's Instagram feed mostly shows her solo, although Julia commonly teams up with model pals as well. Julia often teams up with fellow model Valentina Fradegrada, and the two flashed some major underboob in matching bikinis back in April. As for Lauren, she recently featured on Julia's Instagram feed, appearing in a racy topless snap showing both girls wearing nothing but bikini bottoms.

Julia may have been banned for life from the World Series, but it looks like the ban hasn't deterred her from conducting business as usual.