October 27, 2019
Texas A&M Commerce Party Shooting: Graphic Video Shows Aftermath Of Mass Shooting As 20 Reported Injured

A shooting at a Texas A&M Commerce homecoming party has reportedly left at least three people dead and 20 injured, with police now searching for the suspect who opened fire.

WFAA anchor Jason Whitely reported on Twitter that the mass shooting took place at a homecoming party at Texas A&M Commerce in the early morning hours on Sunday. However, the shooting actually took place at a Texas A&M Commerce student party that was not held on campus.

There were at least two fatalities at the time, though some reports indicated that two have been confirmed dead. Whitley later reported that police found a 9mm handgun that was used in the shooting, and that rifle rounds initially found on the floor were actually props for the party.

A graphic video purported to be from the scene of the shooting has circulated on social media, showing a number of bodies lying motionless on the ground as blood is spread out across the floor. Though the video was not confirmed and it was not clear exactly when it was taken, it was cited by a number of reporters and shared across Twitter.

One of the videos showed students attempting to give CPR and tend to motionless victims amid screams and chaos. Large pools of blood were seen collecting on the ground around at least three people who appeared to have suffered gunshots.

Details about the Texas A&M Commerce party shooting are still light. Though Texas police had yet to release an official update in the hour after the first reports of the shooting emerged, WFAA's Jason Whitely reported that police were still trying to determine the whereabouts of the shooting suspect. There is not yet any report on a potential motive for the shooting, though police did say they were not considering it a random mass shooting.

Texas A&M University-Commerce is a public institution with an enrollment of more than 12,000 students, making it the third-largest institution in the Texas A&M University System.

Sunday's incident would now be the third mass shooting in the state of Texas in a matter of just a few months. In a span of 28 days in August, there were mass shooting incidents in the cities of El Paso and Odessa that left a total of 30 people dead and dozens more injured. There were also mass shootings at a high school and church in recent years in Texas, prompting a number of law changes to allow residents to carry firearms more freely.

As the El Paso Times noted in an in-depth report of the state's mass shootings published on Thursday, the state of Texas has responded to the spate of mass shootings in a number of ways, from increased police training to handle these incidents to a stronger focus on emergency room personnel treating gunshot wounds.

"[M]ass shootings are impacting Texas life in profound ways," the report noted.
"It's changing how Texans care for their children, protect their classrooms, practice their faith, police their neighborhoods and equip their ambulances and emergency rooms. Mass shooters also color how ordinary citizens look at their personal safety. The killers have devastated generations of Texas families."
More details on the Texas A&M Commerce mass shooting will be added as they become available.