Saweetie Shows Underboob In Tight Crop Top In New Instagram Pic

Saweetie shared a brand new Instagram update today, and it was all about the crop top. She was spotted in three different photos, as she rocked a revealing look that likely had heads turning.

The rapper's top was light pink with long sleeves. The cropped cut of it meant that her underboob was left exposed. She paired this with a tiny pair of denim shorts. The shorts were so small, that they were like bikini bottoms. She wore short, nude mesh underneath.

Saweetie then accessorized this look with multiple layers. She wore a fur stole around her arms, which was light orange with black. Her boots appeared to be alligator skin or faux skin, while she held a small white purse with writing on it. The rapper also sported large hoop earrings, and a white headband that read, "Gucci." The rapper also wore glossy lipstick, and accentuated her long lashes with dark mascara.

The photo is proving popular, and over 367,000 people have liked it. Fans left tons of nice compliments in the comments section.

"Light skin baby hairs and she do the most," recited many of her fans, who quoted lyrics from her song, "Tip Toes."

"While you at it, Tip Toes deserves to be a SINGLE and give us a FIRE VISUAL for it. Let's talk about it," declared a fan.

"Wtf you doing in philly with no announcement," joked a follower, who noticed her geotag.

"Body goals literally," gushed an admirer.

In addition, Saweetie recently posted an Instagram video that explained her prior posts of her rocking a USC cheerleading outfit. The video was an ad for Ciroc White Grape Vodka. The rapper was seen strolling into a party in her cheerleading outfit, as she busted moves on the dance floor.

The scene then cuts to a kitchen dealing with a turkey on fire, and switched into someone's Christmas party. The rapper was seen in a blue sweater. The video then cuts again, this time to a luxurious party scene. Saweetie was spotted in a nude dress with white accents throughout, as she laughed and sipped a drink to celebrate the new year.

This video has been watched over 531,000 times so far.

For now, fans can wait and see if the rapper has any more costumes she'll be sporting between now and Halloween. Considering that the cheerleading posts were not for the holiday, but for a commercial, fans can only hope for a sultry new snap.