October 25, 2019
Texas Beauty Hope Beel Smolders In String Bikini While Soaking Up The Sun

When it comes to looking fantastic in a bikini, Hope Beel is a pro. Her latest update to Instagram is proof positive that the brunette bombshell knows how to make a bikini look good.

In the sexy snap, Hope is lying on a wooden platform near blue water somewhere in Tulum, Mexico. The beauty was soaking up the sun in a small, orange string bikini that put most of her body on display. With one hand over her head, Hope was basking in the golden light — a pose that left her fans drooling.

Hope's bikini top was a classic triangle style, and with the position Hope was in, it looked as though her voluptuous chest might spill out of the tiny top at any moment. The bottoms of the suit covered up just enough of Hope to keep the photo safe for work. Stretched out, Hope's sculpted abs were hard to miss, as well as her curvy hips. Hope's skin glowed in the sunlight as she seemed to enjoy the moment with her eyes closed.

The beauty appeared to go with natural-looking makeup in the shot. Her eyebrows were sculpted, and she wore a nude shade on her lips. She accessorized her sexy look with a gold pendant necklace.

In the post's caption, Hope asked her followers if they were going to work out. Many of her fans told her they were, while other followers couldn't help but gush over how hot she looked in the snap.

"I love your teenie weenie bikini!!!" one excited admirer wrote.

"I love your confidence," said another fan.

There's a lot to love about Hope, and her fit physique is just one of them. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the stunner looked incredible in a sparkly bikini that left little to the imagination. But her confidence is also something to love. One of her more popular posts in the past few weeks was a video that showed her working out.

Hope's hard work in the gym has definitely paid off. On her webpage, she states that when she started lifting weights in the gym, she became addicted. She also works with clients to help them achieve their goals, and she said that is one thing she loves about her job.
"I can honestly say I have one of the best careers, I'm able to help women every single day become their best selves. What a blessing that just by sharing my journey and story I can inspire others to want to do more."
Fans wanting to keep up with Hope can follow her Instagram account.