October 25, 2019
Cosplay Model Erica Fett Flashes Booty And Cleavage In Skimpy Red Bodysuit

With a growing fanbase of over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, Erica Fett is one of the more popular cosplay models on the social media platform. Whether she's paying tribute to pop culture or simply posing in lingerie sets or other sexy outfits, her fans pay close attention to her frequent updates, and that again proved to be the case on Thursday, when she posted a set of two photos from a recent magazine shoot.

As seen in the newly uploaded images, Erica was photographed in an indoor setting, standing with a staircase in the background and showing off a lot of skin in a dark red bodysuit. As it seemed, each of the two photos focused on a specific part of the model's body, starting with the first snap, which showed Erica glancing at the camera with a playful smile and showing off her nearly-bare derriere thanks to the dangerously high cut of her bodysuit. Also visible in this shot were the cosplayer's many tattoos, as well as a slight tease of sideboob as she posed with her back to the camera.

The second photo did not show Erica's face, but it made up for that as she faced the camera and gave viewers an up-close look at her bountiful cleavage. The photo also highlighted the bodysuit's naughty graphical touches, including a cartoon devil on the right breast and the words "HOT STUFF" toward the bottom.

In the caption, Erica specified that the hot new snaps were part of her photoshoot for Camp Out Magazine, a publication that describes itself on Instagram as a "modern day, retro camp, print pinup zine." She asked her followers which of the two photos they like the best, and as is often the case when models have fans choose their favorite in a set of multiple images, many of the cosplayer's admirers had a hard time deciding. They did, however, come out in droves to show their appreciation for the set, which has received over 47,000 likes in the nine hours since it was posted.

"Both of them as always," said one commenter, adding a heart-eye emoji in between sentences. "[Y]ou kill me."

Another Instagram user gave a particularly detailed answer while explaining why he prefers the first image.

"Going with the first one because of that lovely booty and cheeky smile but damn that second one is hot stuff indeed! So much hotness, boo! Hope to see more!!! Hope your Thursday had been awesome!!!"
Erica's latest update came three days after she shared another popular post, where she rocked a sexy version of Freddy Krueger's costume from A Nightmare on Elm Street and drew eyes toward her cleavage by using her clawed glove to pull her sweater down. This short clip has gotten close to 36,000 likes since Tuesday, once again proving to be a big hit among the model's followers.