October 24, 2019
Sofia Vergara Wows Instagram With Bombshell Bikini Throwback: 'The '90s'

Sofia Vergara has wowed Instagram again, there's no two ways about it. The Modern Family actress took to the platform earlier today with another of her legendary throwback photos, with the image showing the 47-year-old from a few decades ago, sizzling in a bikini. The jaw-dropping snap of this smoking-hot Latina from back in the day has been racking up likes galore since it went live, which is unsurprising, given how great the star looked.

Sofia's photo showed her back in the '90s. She was posing next to horses while wearing a black leather bikini that was definitely on the minimal side, and she was flaunting her killer curves. The photo definitely seemed to be channeling the era's vibe, with Sofia harnessing the bombshell finish that the decade was so notorious for. The high-waisted briefs, her curled hair, and even the horses all seemed to be adding to the feel, although eyes were less likely on the horses.

Sofia was looking nothing short of incredible. The star's shapely hips, trim waist, and curvy thighs were all on show. While the snap wasn't a full-length shot, it didn't hold back on featuring Sofia's fierce appeal, complete with some sexy cleavage. The star was blond in her photo, with her long hair worn down and a little curled around her shoulders. Sofia was gazing ahead and looking like a total knockout.

The caption from the sitcom actress confirmed the decade, although Sofia admitted that she wasn't sure where the photo was taken; she suggested Miami as a possibility.

Instagram seems completely blown away by the latest snap. Sofia's photo managed to rack up over 53,000 likes in under 45 minutes, with over 420 fans venturing into the post's comments section.

"A goddess!" one fan wrote.

"Wowww, this is stunning, but I think you got hotter," one fan stated, implying that the actress has only gotten better with age.

"The calendar years. I miss the calendars," another fan said.

"Woman crush," another commented.

The star's Instagram mostly showcases her up-to-date moments, but fans seem to relish the occasions when Sofia takes her followers on a trip down memory lane. Of course, when that journey features bikinis, Sofia will find herself showered with more love than usual.

Throwbacks seem to have become a major Instagram trend amid celebrities. The Kardashian-Jenners are known lovers of the trend, with Kim Kardashian and her sisters regularly posting old snaps. Recent throwbacks from other celebrities have included a post from Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone, Baywatch actress Carmen Electra, and talk show host Kelly Ripa.