Kourtney Kardashian Slays In Sexy Corset With Considerable Cleavage While Cavorting Near A Liquor Store

Kourtney Kardashian won the Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure award during the People's Choice Awards
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Kourtney Kardashian seemed ready to hit up a liquor store on Saturday in an Instagram image that had fans and followers metaphorically scratching their heads. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who recently admitted that she doesn’t mind being single, appears to be upping her sex appeal, at least if her October 19 social media upload is any indication.

In a three-picture share, Kourtney showed up on the platform while wearing an extremely sexy getup. She rocked a nifty black number which featured a hook-style bustier and a super short, asymmetrical skirt that had been knotted on one side. Her breasts showed considerable cleavage as they were popping out of the top of the garment that was held up by tiny spaghetti straps, while her feet were planted into a pair of knee-high boots with very high heels.

The reality star was wearing very dark shades, as were the two men who accompanied her. The pair seemed to behave as if they had been hired to be her protectors, and if need be, her muscle, as she was filmed in front of a liquor store.

In the second of the three shots, Kourtney was drinking from a soda bottle, although, given her location, the liquid inside the bottle may have been something harder.

That second image, which supplied a lot of detail, also revealed that the middle of the 40-year-old babe’s corset was made of lace and was therefore see-through. She was carrying a tiny black purse in one hand and her hair was down, parted in the middle, and falling around and into her face.

The third image of the three included the threesome in a wide shot indicating that Kourtney and her crew appeared to be doing their thing in a sketchy part of town. They were close to an intersection, with a three-colored street light showing green as a lone camera operator did his job.

The camera guy seemed to be capturing Kourtney’s group as they appeared to be waiting for something monumental to happen. What that happening was could not be determined from this group of social media pictures, but the images did seem to convey an ominous feeling.

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It’s the Real Thing

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From among Kourtney’s 82.3 million followers, the brunette bombshell received nearly 1 million likes and more than 4,000 comments for her most recent Instagram share, which had been live for about five hours.

Many fans were curious about the reason for this ungainly gathering.

“Um what is happening,” asked one person in the comments section of Kourtney’s post.

Two dozen people answered that follower.

“She’s way too good for Coca Cola — she prob doesn’t even drink that crap. The juxtaposition of the convenience store parking lot with this dress is [fire],” explained one interested party.

“Super Bowl commercial,” stated another fan, who added a smiley-face emoji.

“filming her intro for her YT channel,” quipped a third follower, who was probably guessing.

Those people were not the only ones trying to figure out why this Kardashian sister was making a film of some sort as she was accompanied by a couple of men in black while all of them hung outside a liquor store in an iffy area. Hopefully, the real reason will turn up soon.

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