‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Works Up A Sweat In Sports Bra And Leggings While Six Months Pregnant

Lauren Drain Instagram

Lauren Drain, a fitness model/trainer and registered nurse with over 3.9 million followers on Instagram, isn’t letting pregnancy slow her down.

She’s about three months away from giving birth, but on Thursday, she uploaded a video of herself doing a seemingly strenuous full-body workout routine that includes lunges, squats, and more. In the clip, Lauren can be seen using a dumbbell and a kettlebell to add resistance to the exercises. She also works in some cardio by using a jump rope. Lauren does all this with a big smile on her face and wearing a forest green sports bra with mesh details and matching leggings.

In the caption, Lauren explained that she does this routine to keep her pregnancy weight under control.

“To keep excess pregnancy weight from climbing too fast I complete 35-45 min body circuit HIIT workouts that get my heart rate up make me sweat,” she wrote.

She also gave fans a glimpse of her skin care routine. During the latter part of the video, Lauren uses a facial cleansing brush called the Luna 2 from Foreo.

“These workouts can always lead to tons of oil, dirt, and sweat trapped in my pores so I have to be diligent with my cleansing routine to prevent breakouts,” she added.

The facial brush retails for $169 on the brand’s website.

In the comments, Lauren’s fans raved over the video.

“You rock! Cannot wait to see the happiness in your face when the little baby looking with big eyes to you. Wish you all the best in the next weeks,” one fan wrote.

Lauren has been very open with her fans about her pregnancy journey thus far, As The Inquisitr noted, she recently put up a before-and-after photo of herself in an olive-green bikini, which showed off the changes that her body has gone through with the pregnancy.

In the caption, she revealed that she gained 16 pounds during the first three months and that she had to face all the gnarly symptoms that pregnant women normally go through like food aversion and nausea. She also talked about having extreme fatigue in the first couple of weeks, which sapped her energy for working out.

Fortunately, that energy returned at week 17, which allowed her to start working out again, but only at around 20-30 percent of her regular capacity.

Lauren has also been championing the right for pregnant women to feel sexy with their baby bumps. She recently announced that she will be the first woman to grace the cover of Iron Man Magazine, and she’ll likely be flaunting her belly while doing so.

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