Kevin Connolly Calls Someone An ‘Afghani Crack Baby’ On Facebook

Kevin Connolly for most of his adult life has been known for playing the sweet uptight one on HBO’s Entourage. A child actor from the start, Connolly has been out of the press unlike many other kids that grow up in Hollywood. So it’s a bit of a shock when we see that Connolly has brought rage onto Twitter and Facebook to berate someone.

Let’s start at the beginning of the Connolly rage story. Katie Nolan, a Youtube video blogger for Guyism, first started speaking with Connolly through Twitter. Connolly, who often tweets about hockey, posted a tweet, and Nolan then publicly replied to him on the subject matter. Connolly, obviously charmed by Nolan direct messaged her to compliment her looks.

Obviously excited Nolan screen capped the compliment and posted it on her Facebook fan page for everyone to see. The posting invited users to comment about Connolly and most of the comments were of course tame, ranging in comments over people missing Entourage, and Nolan replying back that she loves short dudes but didn’t like his use of exclamation points in his response to her. Well, Connolly must have been angered by the short comment, because later he direct messaged Nolan again to express his annoyance over “sh*tty comments.” However, the two continued to direct message one another.

However, it seems as though Connolly was still miffed about the whole thing, and then took it a step further by finding Nolan’s fan Facebook page where he proceeded to call out people on her page. One user he referred to as an “Afghani crack baby” as well as “ugly” and told a user to go into a “sleeper cell.” Of course, Connolly ended his raging with a “PEACE.” Our guess in hopes to smooth everything over.

Here’s the exchange:

Kevin Connolly Rages

Later on Connolly sent her other messages to Nolan that can be seen as bullying:

Kevin Connolly

After the insults followed, Connolly in turn blocked Nolan on Twitter. In order to justify herself, or to gossip to her followers, Nolan tweeted that Kevin Connolly was angry with her and her followers. He of course then direct messaged her again, and the two went at it again about the content he spewed on her Facebook page.

However, things settled down, that was until it was announced that Kevin Connolly has a new comedic series with James Van Der Beek on CBS. Nolan tweeted about the fact that he was playing an OBGYN and made a baiting joke about it.

Connolly of course responded:

@katienolan you suck… Let it go already… #beast

— Kevin Connolly (@mrkevinconnolly) March 7, 2013

Later on Katie Nolan told Laura Beck from Jezebelabout the whole experience with Kevin Connolly:

“The fact that this guy found the time to find me on Facebook and then go to each individual page of anyone that said anything even remotely negative about him and tear them/their loved ones apart that made me feel like he was just a mean person who has no sense of gratitude for where he’s at or even just personal decency.”

Who’s side are you on Kevin Connolly’s or Katie Nolan’s?