Angela Simmons Performs Squats In Tight Leggings In Instagram Workout Video

D DipasupilGetty Images for WE tv

Angela Simmons often drives her Instagram followers wild by showing off her fit figure in revealing outfits and bikinis. However, it’s not easy to keep those likes rolling in for every sexy snapshot. The Growing Up Hip Hop star recently gave her fans an inside look at what she goes through to look good in the popular pictures that she shares on social media, and it turns out that it takes a lot of sweat and strength to have a body like hers.

On Saturday, the 32-year-old stunner shared a mini workout video with her Instagram followers. In it, she performs a montage of exercises while rocking a pair of blue skintight leggings and a matching long-sleeved top. She begins by doing barbell squats. The camera is positioned behind Angela, which gives her followers a full view of her backside each time she gets down low. She has a few larger weights on the bar sitting on her shoulders, so viewers can see just how strong she is.

For her next exercise, Angela demonstrates how to give mountain climbers an added degree of difficulty by placing her hands on the sides of an upside-down BOSU ball while she performs them. She follows up this tough cardio exercise with a few jumping jack squats. The video ends with a shot of Angela Simmons wiggling her knees back and forth and grimacing as she tries to stay in the squat position as long as she can.

Angela revealed that her workout wear is one of the designs that singer Kelly Rowland created for her Fabletics collection, and the song she set her video to is Wale’s “On Chill” featuring Jeremih. Her followers complimented both choices, and they praised the mother of one for her strength and dedication to staying fit.

“O she strong strong,” wrote one admirer.

“Put in that work, queen!” a second commented.

“Love your consistency!!!!!” remarked a third fan.

However, it seems as though at least one of Angela Simmons’ followers just wanted to see more photos of her chowing down on Cheetos.

“Do you have any more Cheetos pics,” read another response to her workout video.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Simmons caused a stir a few days ago by posting a photo of herself sitting on the couch, rocking a bright orange fur coat, and eating some of the cheesy snacks out of a Cheetos bag positioned between her bare legs. She followed that snapshot up with a series of similar photos in which she’s standing up, and it’s clear that she’s wearing nothing but a bra and underwear beneath the coat.

No Cheetos have made an appearance on Angela Simmons’ Instagram page since she shared those snapshots, but she did use her Instagram stories to give her followers a look at some of the healthier foods that she enjoys. She recently shared a video of herself mixing together a blend of colorful diced bell vegetables, and she revealed that she uses vegan butter to cook with.

So while some of Simmons’ fans might prefer to stare at her sitting on the couch eating Cheetos, she’s all about living a healthy, active life.