November 1, 2019
Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flashes Major Cleavage In Sexy Take On 'My Hero Academia'

Whether posing as an anime/manga or video game character or wearing more conventional outfits like a tank top, cosplay model Liz Katz never fails to turn on the sex appeal on Instagram, much to the delight of her 884,000 or so followers on the social media platform. On Tuesday, the 31-year-old appeared to opt for the former as she shared a new photo of herself rocking a minuscule bikini, paying tribute to the lead character in a popular manga series that has since hit the small screen.

As seen in her latest Instagram post, Liz's costume appears to be a gender-flipped take on Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia, a character who, despite his lack of superpowers, finds himself in a school for professional heroes. While the cosplayer appears to have stayed 100 percent true to Izuku's distinctive hairdo by donning a dark green, spiky wig of short hair, she turned things up several notches with the rest of her outfit, tugging on her tiny bikini top and flaunting a copious amount of cleavage.

Likewise on display was Liz's toned midsection, as she paired the skimpy top with matching bottoms. She also wore a belt and gloves similar to the ones worn by Izuku on My Hero Academia.

Liz's caption was short and straight to the point. She invited her followers to drop by the Los Angeles Comic-Con on Saturday afternoon, noting that only a "limited" amount of prints would be available to purchase at her booth.

In the 11 hours since Liz took to Instagram for her latest update, over 28,000 people have hit the "like" button. Further, almost 200 users headed to the comments section to show their love for the cosplay mainstay.

"That's still your best hair-piece; I think it captures your personality," said one follower.

"Yassss, thank you for coming to LACC. I'll come by get a print," a second fan promised, trailing their comment with a pair of emoji.

"You are the philosophy of sexy successful influential unapologetic risktaker talented woman 101," a third fan gushed, adding two fire and three scream emoji to their effusive remark.

A few other fans focused instead on the upcoming Season 4 premiere of My Hero Academia, which, as noted by Comic Book, drops on October 12. However, it appears that most of Liz's followers preferred to talk about her sexy homage to the series' main character.

Liz's Izuku Midoriya tribute was not the only anime-inspired snap she has shared in recent days. Over the weekend, the cosplay model posted an Instagram photo where, while wearing bunny ears and a wig of long blue hair, she offered her take on Bulma from the Dragon Ball franchise. Not surprisingly, this update has gotten over 45,000 likes in three days, as well as close to 400 comments from her adoring fans.