NFL Wife Sasha Gates Ditches Bikini Top In Bali, Flaunting Mighty Fine Curves

Sasha Gates is back in the news. It's been less than a week since the wife to future Hall of Fame tight-end Antonio Gates sunbathed in an open bathrobe – clearly, the vacation vibes are continuing for this beauty. The star has updated her Instagram from an ultra-lush, ultra-luxurious setting in Bali; as Sasha's geotag states, she was at the Bubble Hotel.

Sasha's photo showed her flaunting her mighty fine curves at the edge of an infinity pool overlooking thick jungle greenery. The star appeared alone and in total bliss – then again, with a view like this one, who wouldn't be. The brunette was seen looking Zen-like and beautiful as she sat at the water's edge, with a swimwear look that was likely ticking boxes for fans of this star's killer physique. Sasha appeared in a white pair of bikini bottoms with no top, although this image wasn't a provocative one. Rather, the star appeared to be embracing both her femininity and the beautiful surroundings, with Sasha showing hints of her face as she admired the view. The star appeared with her long brown hair tied back into a ponytail and both hands placed either side of her. Fans saw Sasha's slim and curvy waist, muscular back, plus those sexy thighs.

Sasha may not have the world's biggest Instagram following, but her update definitely got noticed, clocking in over 6,500 likes in a day. As to the Bali location, it definitely seems to be popular with celebrities these days. Late last year, the Kardashian-Jenners took a high-profile trip to Bali. The glitzy pools were all there, but so was the soul-seeking aspect – perhaps Sasha was after that, too.Sasha married husband Antonio back in 2011, with the couple now raising a family. Speaking to Hype Hair, the star talked about what her priorities in life are, with her words suggesting a balanced approach."Being a mother and wife always comes first, that is my priority, but once I was able to get on a routine I found time to weave in my music and other things I love. It was important to me to also not lose myself; music is really my creative outlet and I cherish that time. Women were made to multitask! Sometimes you have to take it slow, but don't ever give up on what you love," she said.

Sasha has appeared on WAGS LA. Fans wishing to catch the next update from Sasha should give her Instagram account a follow.